Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mama's Boy.....

O.k. so if I haven't made it clear enough, I am simply smitten with my little one!

 The past few weeks have been glorious. I think it's safe to say we may have turned a corner in the cranky baby department. We finally figured out all of Ford's health issues.... YAY! Which makes for one happy baby (and Mama)!

After all the diagnoses-- immature digestive tract, acid reflux, colic etc..... we've finally found the golden ticket..... it was a dang milk allergy! It's amazing how happy your child can be when your not feeding them something that makes them feel yucky! So after the initial guilt of not figuring this out sooner we are all settling in and truly beginning to relish in our new life as three (well four if you count Tana).

Ford is SO close to crawling. I took a video of it yesterday but for some darn reason cannot get it to upload so while I work on technical difficulties here's two pictures of him working hard to master this skill! I know he's young people, but wait til you see the video- SO CLOSE!!!

In other news, I came out of my bedroom this morning to find this....

Ford and Dad have started to cuddle every morning before Dad heads to work. Dad catches up on the news and Ford snuggles with his Papa. So cute.....

Haha, but ten minutes later, I came out again to this....

Ford can totally touch the ground, however he's laid back lounging watching Fox & Friends. As Tyler has said many times....."start 'em young..." Hah, as if Ford had any chance of forming his own political views :). We heart Fox. 

(PS- I ABSOLUTELY hate the color of this room, our painter FINALLY comes next week and then let the home decorating begin!!)

Happy Thursday!


  1. this is great! literally LOL'ing. the pics of both of you w bby ford are so sweet!!! lov ya!

  2. I love the one of your and Ford on the couch!! So cute.


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