Friday, July 29, 2011

This and that....

Fair warning this post is a hodge podge of random thoughts floating through my head this gloomy Friday morning.....

1. I think we may have a thumbsucker on our hands. Ford has definitely found his thumb and the last few times I've put him down, he's refused his paci and opted for his thumb.... hmmm... not sure how I feel about this. 

2. The tree in Ford's room still has not been painted. The ladder and chalk drawing stare at me every morning, begging to be finished.... hopefully this weekend. 

3. My wonderful, wonderful housekeeper comes today! (Thank you hubby for allowing me this little luxury once every two weeks!) I do not know what I would do without her!

4. Yesterday I booked my flight to Florida for September.... for a whopping 10 days! During that time one of my besties will be turning the big 3-0..... HOLY SMOKES! When did we become adults?

5. I am DREAMING of Florida Boating.... hopefully my friends will take me out while Ford and I are home :) ( hint, hint)

6. I've lost six pounds since my cry baby post about my weight.... YAY! 

7. We're in the midst of planning our Girlfriend Getaway to NYC this December! Some of my fav's have signed on but I'm still holding out for the "Ch/Kristen's to join in on the fun! :) (another hint hint) 

8. I'm watching GMA this morning and WISHING I was in NYC this morning to see Debbie Gibson and Tiffany.... yah, I'm a nerd, I know :)

9. Still on the fence about the new blog look......

Alright, so anyways, I told you, totally random thoughts..... 
Have a SUPER weekend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sneak Peak.....

What do you think? I'm busy chalking a tree to paint  in Senor Ford's room. 
After pictures to follow 

Wish me luck...

Monday, July 25, 2011

What a blast!

(First, I apologize my blog looks so weird, I messed it up this weekend and haven't had time to sit down and work on it since..... so bare with me, hopefully I'll figure it out this week!)

In other news, we had the best weekend! One of my besties came to visit and meet Senor Ford. So fun!

We gabbed, shopped, and ate at some yummy restaurants! 

Ford loved hanging out with his Aunt Megan!!

It was the best weekend! And wonderful to catch up with an old friend!

In other news, I went to my first "Mommy Boot Camp" this morning..... it was AWESOME! Hopefully this will motivate me to start dieting!!!! (Cross fingers!)

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm obsessed......

With Picture Galleries.......

I already have three in my home. But this..... well, this is just drool worthy..... 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's like Christmas...... only BETTER!!!!

Why you ask??? Because one of my besties, Ms. Megan, is coming to visit me all the way from Colorado!!!!! Wuhoo! Ok, so really, she just wants to meet my cutie patootie baby, BUTTTT I'll take it! Can't wait to see her!!! Friday can't come soon enough :)

(She's going to kill me for posting this picture :))

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ford is 3 months!!!

Notice the drool? Folks, I have a teether!!


Wow! This last month has flown by! You are getting more and more emotion-filled everyday! You laugh, smile and constantly coo. You recognize your Mommy and Daddy and know exactly how to wrap us around your tiny little finger. You've got the " fake cry" down pat. You look to see if we're looking and the second we make eye contact your lower lip goes out and you let out a quick- Whah.... This makes Daddy and I crack up- your too cute! 

At your three month check up you weighed 15.5 lbs. and were 26 inches long. Dr. Garza told us that you are the average size of a 5 month old! Holy smokes buddy, stop growing so fast!

Speaking of growing too quickly, your teething! What !?!?!?! Yep, we were in the pharmacy a few days ago and the pharmacist took one look at you and commented, "I see you have a teether on your hands!?" Your cheeks are rosy red, your drooling like it's nobody's business and yesterday you even spiked a bit of a fever. If I was a betting woman I'd say the tooth to the right of your front teeth is coming in because I think I can see/feel it. Ouch! 

You are so close to rolling over. Yesterday when you were on your play mat, you suddenly found yourself on your side. It's going to be any day now! But, even though you haven't rolled over yet, your scooting all over the place on your butt. I took my eyes off you for two seconds yesterday and you were about a foot and a half away from where I laid you..... I'm not sure how your doing it, but I know for sure I can't take my eyes off you even for a second anymore!!! 

Little, you are so loved! Daddy and I love watching you grow and are amazed at how much you've changed in only 3 short months! 
Love. Love. Love.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm just saying....

Ummm..... ok, so I am struggling with my baby weight gain big time. In case you are the only person I haven't told, let me clue you in.... I gained 60 lbs. while pregnant with Baby Ford. Yes, you read that correctly- 60. For the most part I ate very healthfully and organically BUT I'm not going to lie, I did imbibe in a Quarter Pounder a time or two.... or 'er... three......times and now I'm paying the price. Ford is now three months old and I'm currently hanging out at the 147 mark. I'm 5' BARELY 3 people.... This is a lot on my small frame! It's not so much the number as it is the way I feel.... To understand this I've got to give you a little history...

My weight has always been a bit of a roller coaster and unfortunately, for the most part it's always been tied to my emotions.... Here's a brief trip down memory lane.... Chubby girl with a bad haircut AND braces enters high school gets teased beyond belief. Chubby girl grows hair out, looses braces meets boy. Chubby Girl loses weight becomes Skinny Girl, enjoys the rest of high school. Skinny Girl enters college with boyfriend all is good. Skinny Girl breaks up with boyfriend, boyfriend moves on in a hot second (long, long, story), Skinny Girl is brokenhearted and begins to date her food/beer for the rest of college. Chubby girl HATES college (imagine why....). Chubby Girl graduates from college and decides to take back her life. Chubby Girl loses 40 lbs. (Yes 40!) all on my own- yay tunafish and mustard (long story). Skinny girl meets love of her life, looses 15 more! Skinny girl is happy :)

Now don't get me wrong, I would gladly gain another 60 lbs. if it meant having an adorable child like Ford, however..... this lingering weight has got me feeling WAY down in the dumps bc all I have to do is look at a picture from college to know exactly what I look like and trust me.... it's not pretty.... but regardless of how I know I look I just can't get into diet mode and it's driving me CRAZY!

I don't know how all these new Moms do it! I'm exhausted, the last thing I want to do is hop on the elliptical, even if it is right upstairs..... I can barely bring myself to take a walk with the kiddo and heck if it wasn't for my inherent fear that my child would get jaundice from never going outside, I probably wouldn't even get myself to do the walk! I've turned into a lazy mess people! When did this happen???

I went from health food freak, exerciser- extraordinaire to lazy couch potato, fast food junkie..... bad, bad, bad.......

SO..... now that I've let you in on my dirty, dirty little secret, I'm asking for your help...... I am going to start checking in weekly and posting my new weight with the hopes that if I know I have to post it, I won't eat it and I will climb the 12 steps up to our game room and work out!!! What do you think can I do it? Do any of you new Moms have tips? Please, share!!! What is your secret? How did you reclaim your body??

ARGH, weight gain is a bummer! 

Wish me luck!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nani Visits!!!

Hi there! Hope you all had fantastic weekends! We had a blast! Ford met his Nani (Tyler's Mom) this weekend and man did he go gaga!!!!! Nani came all the way from St. Louis to meet him and wow, I think their both in love!

Nani gave Ford lots of love and made sure to get lots of cuddling in! 

Who could resist the cutest, most snuggly baby EVER??? 
I just love my little!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Drooling, drooling, drooling....

 I received my Restoration Hardware Source Book this afternoon and wow I am drooling.... I love almost everything in it! Hubby and I are currently in the market for an outdoor living set, considering we have the best view EVER, we're just missing something to sit on.....  And of course, as I poured over the pages of my newly acquired Source Book,  I couldn't help but glare notice the beautiful and EXPENSIVE outdoor furniture. Here are two of my favorites....

(love the legs!)

(love the back detail!)

 Darn you Restoration Hardware for putting these beautiful and yet RIDICULOUSLY overpriced pieces of furniture in my head! Of course, now that I'm in love I'm sure I won't be able to replicate you with any knock off or similar looking items! ARGH.... why does your stuff have to be SO cool ????!!!"

Ok rant over, but seriously, aren't they cool ???

Mommy Calling Cards

I just ordered these super cute calling cards from my favorite etsy store. They match the thank you cards I had previously ordered, so cute! Now I'm ready and armed for all these Mommy Groups I've signed up for in the coming weeks! If you are looking for adorable stationary, calling cards, or prints then by all means take a look at this store! Megan is adorable and so easy to work with!!! Aren't these cute? (I've blurred some of my personal info)

Love. Love. Love.

Monday, July 11, 2011

An impromptu visit to Southlake!

I hope you all had a great weekend. We made an impromptu visit to Southlake to visit Tyler's brother and his family! I was so excited to introduce the kiddos to baby Ford! It was so neat bc they've seen me grow from tiny Aunt Crispin to "holy smokes Aunt Crispin- what's in your belly?"  And undoubtedly for the whole nine months they asked the "are we there yet question?" Meaning, "Aunt Crispin when is Baby Ford coming?????" So needless to say we had a lot fun this weekend hanging out with each other!

We cuddled

We snuggled

We "monkied" around

Ford went in the pool for his FIRST time! 

(his swimsuit is WAY too big but it's the CUTEST thing ever (thanks Aunt Brooke!) so I couldn't resist!

An the Moms made it out for a night with friends and had a liiittttttlllleeeee too much fun :) 

I'd say this weekend was just what the Doctor ordered

Now back to reality!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nursery Progress.....

Ok, so this whole moving into a new house right after having a baby thing has REALLY slowed down my decorating capabilities :) BUT I have started to make some progress on Ford's nursery! So maybe by the time he's one I'll have it finished, but in the meantime.... Here are a few pics....

We still need a curtain and a little side table next to our glider. The top book shelf has some of my most cherished toys from when I was a kid. 

 My version of a nursery gallery wall, still missing pictures for a few frames, I just haven't found anything that I'm like "I have to get this!" But I am scouring etsy daily :) The pictures I do have, I love....

This picture actually hung in my Dad's room when he was a kid!

And this is a needlepoint that my Dad's Mother made in 1976. I had it reframed and actually had them attach the inscription on the back- so neat!!! 

Still working on this wall, but as you can see I got my animal heads from Anthropologie :).

And this wall is still a work in progress... thinking about a monogram above this picture of Senor Ford. Hmmmm....

Ford's closet 

My baby bumper..... GRRR! So, this is a frustration. I love my crib and I love my bedding for Ford. The issue...... They don't fit together. My crib only has two levels to move the mattress height. The current level doesn't give enough space to tie the top ties of the bumper to the crib and then it's so high that you can't even see the skirt detail. The other level is the " toddler" level. And that just won't work right now.... ARGH. Trying to figure out a solution bc I love the bedding. You can find it here. Does anyone else have this problem???

Saturday, July 2, 2011

2 months! (haha I'm a little late with this... again!)


You are one big baby! You are in the 97th percentile for weight and height!!! I saw a six month old baby girl in the airport and she was TINY compared to you! Your Dad and I are positive we've got a linebacker on our hands, but geesh, if you could slow down the growing a little bit and enjoy your OH SO CUTE outfits for longer than a day your Mom would love it bc then Daddy would stop giving her a hard time about all the cute stuff I buy you that you outgrow in a New York Minute!!

This last month has been tough; "Mommyhood" is not for the weary! However, I think we've finally gotten into our groove. In your defense, it took awhile for us to figure out what was going on with you.... First we thought you had some digestion issues, then they diagnosed you with an immature digestion tract, then when that wasn't it, we finally figured out you just had heartburn. So once we got you on a medication to fix that you've been one happy happy baby!!! (Much to Mommy's relief!) 

You've started to smile when Mommy and Daddy talk to you and once in awhile you even let out a little laugh. You are super talkative and during the day you love to sit propped up on my knees and have a conversation about whatever..... this is one of my favorite things to do with you! 

You've started to push up on the ground during tummy time and you definitely have achieved full support of your neck. It won't be long now before we can put you in your excer-saucer. Gosh, you are just growing so quick!

Your getting better at taking a nap in the afternoon (thank you ugly baby swing!) and you've actually started to go down at night even when your still awake, yay! But the best news ever....... YOUR SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!! Love, love, love this!!!!

Ford we love you so much sweet boy and we can't wait to see what month three brings!

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