Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's crazy around here!

My schedule has gone all kinds of crazy lately and well this Mama is EXHAUSTED and frankly- off her game. Tyler's been out of town during the week for the past two weeks and let's just say--- single parenting is not my forte, that's for sure! Coupled with Ford's molars coming in and the thunderstorms we've conveniently been getting in the middle of the night which wake up my light sleeping child and my truly NEUROTIC dog..... I tell you, I'm keeping my eyes open with toothpicks, I swear. 

I don't know what it is, but when T goes out of town, my schedule does too. I haven't eaten a solid "real" meal in two weeks. I mean, who wants to cook for one? I haven't gone to the gym (probably because I haven't had three hours of solid sleep in two weeks), and I've had a weeknight glass of wine, one too many weeknights, which, hah, also might contribute to my absence from the gym. I'm a walking, talking, train wreck of a zombie....  

Needless to say this Mama is VERY excited for NEXT week, when my hubby will be home, hopefully Ford's molars will have come in, the weather will be better, and I'll get some MUCH NEEDED sleep, but  for right now, I'm in the trenches people, the trenches I tell you, bare with me and my sporadic posting, I'm coming back--- I swear :). 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh you little pistol.....

Today was a rough day. Ford has his molars coming in and he is NOT a happy camper and well, who can blame him---- ouch. But, honestly by five PM this evening I was counting the minutes till the kid went to bed. The crying and the whining had taken it's toll. I put him down around seven and then he woke up in a tizzy around nine- completely inconsolable. I rocked and rocked him and finally brought him into my bedroom where I laid on the bed with him as he clung to my neck whimpering.... He finally cried himself to sleep, but then as I tried to move and wrangle my way lose from his grip, he just grabbed tighter over and over again. He was not letting his Mama go--- be still my heart. This child can be moody, stubborn and well, honestly, a downright pistol, but God when he's sweet.... watch out, he's got his Mommy wrapped around his little finger...... And then it occurred to me, he's kinda like someone else I know. I guess it's true what they say--- the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I love the TWO pistols in my life more than words can possibly express; I am one lucky woman. 

Feeling blessed. 

Mom was right.....


Time  does go by, it goes by so, so, so fast....

But that's not "really" the point of this post. Actually, it's to moan and groan ( just a little--- I swear!) but it needs to be said--- I'm having a moment...

Wasn't I young like yesterday??? What the heck happened? This past weekend I was checking out at our local grocery store when a big "CHECK customer's I.D. if they don't look at least THIRTY" popped up on the cashier's screen. Guess what? The high school kid ringing me up, did NOT ask for my I.D. and NO I didn't have my child with me..... shoot me, apparently I'm old. I wanted (actually I still want) to punch him. 

Then hubby and I were flipping through the channels this weekend and came across an episode of Friends that we love..... but guess what---- It was on NICK at NITE people! I remember when Mr. Ed, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Dick Van Dyke etc. were all on Nick at Nite! Surely Friends isn't old enough to be on Nick at Nite, seriously!? We (I) were flabbergasted. We checked the original air date..... Ok, ok so it was seventeen years ago, BUT STILL where does the time go!!?!?

Yesterday morning when I was having my morning cup of coffee and watching GMA--- a nice British newscaster was doing a segment on Prince Harry. He explained that while "Kate and William were rolling into their middle age, Harry would keep the Royals young....." Kate and William are NOT middle-aged! She's twenty-nine for goodness sake!!!! Seriously, I'm twenty-nine- I AM NOT MIDDLE AGED!

And finally, the icing on the cake came when I opened my Lilly Summer Look Book and saw all of these fourteen year old girls parading around in the shortest shift dresses EVER. Clearly, something I will not be wearing this Summer as I chase my one year old around-- I about had a coronary! I have loved Lilly my whole life and let's be honest her style (up till now) has always been a bit "older," and now when I'm finally hitting the age where I still want to be cutely dressed, but want to be comfy, Lilly goes and seemingly revamps their whole line and gears it to a younger crowd---ugh. 

I don't mean to drone on and on. And seriously age doesn't scare me, or even really bother me. I love the place I am today and frankly wouldn't trade it for all the twenty-one year old, in-experienced moments in China.... I just can't believe how fast it's gone.... I went to bed fifteen and now suddenly I'm waking up (gulp) thirty!?!?!? Mom was right, time does fly and seemingly even faster when you have children. 

Just yesterday I could've sworn the media was claiming forty was the new twenty and now they're telling me twenty-nine is middle-aged. Someone just take me out to the pasture and shoot me because next thing I know, tomorrow I'll be old and senile. So I guess the point that I'm getting at is that we should all just enjoy life right now, at this very moment, because tonight you may go to bed thirty and tomorrow you might wake up eighty..... I'm just saying..... 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm guest blogging today over at TeetheMe!

Hi Guys! Sorry I've been MIA, but check it out, I'm guest blogging over at TeetheMe today.... What's TeetheMe you ask.... Well, it's only the coolest baby shower gift, EVER! It's a monthly box of 4 to 5 products for your child aged newborn to 3 years old, which are delivered straight to your door. C'mon, what new Mom wouldn't love this?! 

Akemi, founder and CEO is a friend from home and one heck of a role model if I do say so myself. Not only is she a Mom, but she's one of the most hard working people I know. This girl does not take no for an answer.....I do not say this lightly---- she's AMAZING.

So hop on over to Teetheme and check it out!

Happy Friday!
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