Monday, February 27, 2012

Ford is ten months!

Wow, seriously where does the time go? Lately, as I watch my child change DAILY all I can think is how did I get so lucky? This little person is all mine (for now anyways). I have the gigantic responsibility of raising him to be a kind, gentle, loyal, and wonderful boy and eventually--- man. While at times the task seems enormous and daunting, it's all I want to do. This little boy has changed my life in so many ways and lately I find myself feeling extremely thankful. I don't mean for this to sound all ewwy gooey religious (bc I think we all know my feelings on that) but, I find myself thanking God daily. Thanking him for choosing me to guide this little one, choosing me to be his teacher, his confidant, his friend.... 

When I think about how many different directions my life could have gone, I am just so thankful that God led me down this path. I was meant to be this child's mother and I will spend the rest of my life trying to be the best Mother to him that I can be.  Ford, you have truly changed my life for the better. I love you more than words can say. 

Happy Ten Months Little One.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Calling all Lilly Lovers.....

I'm cleaning out my closet..... Any takers?

White Lilly Dress
Size 4, NWT

Yellow Lilly Dress 
Size 10, NWOT

Gator Lilly Dress 
Size 4, NWT

They could be yours for $60 bucks a piece. Message me if your interested 
and I will send you my Pay Pal info! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm feeling a little nostalgic....

I saw this preview today on the internet and I cannot lie, I SCREAMED, like out loud, like a little girl.... I was a junior in high school when the first American Pie came out and needless to say my friends and I were obsessed! I think we all saw this together at least three times! And now a million years later it's BACK and I cannot lie it's got me feeling all kinds of nostalgic! I still keep in touch with most of the girls I was friends with in high school; in fact I'm proud to say that two of my best friends now are my best friends from WAY back when. The guys have sort of drifted, but I guess that's what happens when life catches up with you :). Needless to say, thanks to facebook we're all still kind of connected and it's nice to pop in every once in awhile and see what my peeps are up to! Likewise, I can't wait to see what all my American Pie favorites have been doing these past ten years!! I CANNOT wait to see this movie!

Honey, we may have to break our NO MOVIE when we have to hire a babysitter policy and see this movie! (just saying!) :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pinterest FAIL.....

So when I learned that you could FREEZE avocados I went nuts! I absolutely LOVE them but gosh their so dang expensive! And then, as if God was saying, " Go ahead girl and freeze yourself some avocados," they went on sale five for $5! I was siked and I stalked up! But I'm here to tell you, egh not so much. All I have to show for my little experiment is ten mushy, mushy avocados. Great if your making guac, not so great if your trying to cut into chunks for a baby or yourself. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Splish splash Ford was taking a bath......

Brain Dump Thursday!

1. Tyler made me an amazing Valentine's Dinner Tuesday night. I may, or may not have eaten the leftovers off the bone for lunch.... Seriously people, I couldn't inhale fast enough....I heart lamb chops.

2.I am co-hosting a baby shower for one of my girlfriends back home in March. I had every intention of hand addressing the Baby Shower invitations BUT it takes me forever and since it's right around the corner and I just figured out how to download cool fonts, I caved. They still turned out super cute but I feel like a cheat.

3. For Valentines Day, Tyler surprised me and got a babysitter all day Saturday so we could go to Fredericksburg and hang out (for those of you that don't live in TX- that's Texas Wine Country!); unfortunately the rain chance is 40%, so we're probably going to reschedule. Secretly (hah, or not so secretly) I'm kind of relieved. Although I'm "jonesing" to check this place out, I'm REALLY ready for a-- do absolutely nothing kinda weekend. We've been slammed lately!

4. Tyler's going out of town next week and I'm thinking of hosting a Crafts and Cocktails get together for some of my lady friends, let's see if I can get organized enough..... Here's to hoping.....

5.  I ran three miles yesterday morning and NEVER stopped. I know for all you marathoners out there, thats like nothing, but for me, that's HUGE! Here's the nerdy part.... after that, I walked to the ladies locker room with a little extra pep to my step... I felt buff :).

6. It only took nine and a half months, but I finally swiped my car mirror on the side of the garage. All my neighbors told me it would happen (we all have realllllly narrow garages).... and it finally did, ARGH!

7. Sign up for my first choice of school's for Ford is next week--it's a MDO/Pre-school at a local Church. Starting in September, Ford will go two days a week for a few hours. That is, if I can get him in! Being an only child AND a boy I think it's important to provide him with some time to socialize with a large group of kiddos! But geesh,  people in TX are crazy about their MDO/Pre-school programs, supposedly they camp out to claim a coveted spot in this program.....

8. Speaking of Ford, he's like five seconds away from walking... This Mama is SO not ready! Any last minute tips??? Also, outdoor activities--- besides a swing, any other suggestions for cool outdoor toys for a ten month old? I want to get this creeper outside more!

Have a great Thursday, thanks for stopping by! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day......

"And when you figure out, love is all that matters after all, 
It sure makes everything else.... seem so small."

Yes, honey, this may be a manufactured, made up holiday, but I'd still like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I love you and how thankful I am for this little (well, let's be honest, not so little) bundle of joy you've given me. You two make my life so sweet. 
I love you. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sewing machine is BACK in action!!!!

So I had a crafty weekend, to say the least! Oh sewing machine, how I have missed you! Ok, I sound like a lunatic but you get the picture... it's been nuts around here! However, this weekend-- Ford was under the weather which made him super lazy; translation--- I didn't have to chase him around the house all day (heehee!) so I was able to get a few gifts completed (YAY!)! One gift for a Baby Shower (my sweet friend Melissa is having a baby boy in April (same due date Ford had!)) and my other friends Monica and Travis were owed a wedding gift (only four months late.... oops!). So needless to say I had my work cut out for me, but the finished products came out super cute! Thank you Silouhette Machine for your added "uumph!"

Here's a few pictures of my Baby Shower gift. I made onesies and burp cloths and added some Pottery Barn Swaddling Cloths. Super Cute if I do say so myself!

And then I made Monica and Travis this cute gift basket. Complete with the monogrammed napkins, guest towels, an automatic wine opener and an etched pyrex dish! 

Your probably oogling over the etched Pyrex dish ( I was too!) If you have a Silouhette this is seriously the easiest, but coolest project ever! I originally got the idea from this pin, but here's a quick tutorial if your interested in trying this yourself....

All you do is print out your desired name/design on your silouhette, then peel it out and use the stencil to stick to the pyrex, wherever you want your design. Then you take Armour Etch (you can get this at Michael's) and paint a thick coat over the stencil

Then you just let it sit for about fifteen minutes and then wash with soap and water. Remove the vinyl stencil and---- Walah! You have an etched Pyrex dish with your name on it! Never to be lost at another Pot Luck again- absolutely genius!!!!

So there you have it, this crafter is BACK in action. What do you think of my little gifts?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Fancies......

The weather here in San Antonio has been YUCKY! Cold, rainy, and grey--bummer.... So today. I'm dreaming about a season change and a few Spring wardrobe items I've seen lately that I'd love to add to my wardrobe---- like yesterday! :) 

 I am in love with these sunglasses. I want them, so bad. So old-school, so dorky, but so cute!!


I have absolutely NOWHERE to wear these, but they are awesome...... I love anything nude on my feet!
Totally in love with this new print from Lilly! I might just make this a "YAY you reached your target weight!" gift to me, only six more pounds to go!! 


These Tory sandals are my fave! I already have them in gold and silver and they rock. They are so comfy and match anything.... I literally go back and fourth between the two all Spring/Summer. This is why I NEEEEEEED a third pair....

And because I need a little more monogramming in my life.... How adorbs are these??? I think a pink or aqua monogram would be super cute for Spring! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Highs and Lows of Parenting

Lets face it, there are lots of highs and lows with this whole parenting gig..... Today Ford did something, well let's be honest--- hysterically funny, but also down right yucky!!!! Not sure where this affinity for the dog bowl comes from but geeez, this kid can't get enough.... Hence he first video where he's guzzling water out of the bowl.... Geez Louise. I SWEAR I watch my child!

But then, just when I was expecting CPS to walk through the door and deem me an unsuitable parent, this happened (Please excuse my high pitched Mama voice!)! Talk about one proud Mama (and Dada!) Can't believe this Little One is growing up so fast! It won't be long until he's up and running!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Linking with fellow blogger,  E, Myself, and I  for a few of my midweek confessions.....

1. Ford's Organic Puffs are like crack cocaine (Yep, I just used a baby item in the same sentence as crack cocaine). No wonder they calm any child down in absolutely any situation! I tried a handful the other day and I gotta say, I've been sneaking handfuls here and there since; absolutely delicious.... MUST STOP! 

2. My husband has suddenly started reading before bed. Yay, that he loves to read now, but BOO that when I'm trying to sleep we have the TV on AND the light..... Makes me kinda wanna kick him in my sleep, just saying....

3. We got a Roomba vacuum for Christmas from my parents. You know the kind of vacuum you turn on at night when you go to bed and then when you wake up in the morning everything is magically clean? All I can say is I'm in love..... Yes, that's right I'm in love with a vacuum, someone call a shrink! 

4. Ford has STILL not mastered this whole sippycup thing; which if I'm honest is probably all my fault, we soooo need to work more on this....... 

5. I'm trying to plan two mini summer vacations for us..... the operative word is trying..... I'm starting to understand why Travel Agencies used to be so popular..... seriously, WHY are these going away!? As a crazy new Mom, I'd LOOOVEEE to utilize a Travel Agency! C'mon who wants to plan our summer vacation..... you know you want to :). 

So, those are a few of my midweek confessions.... what are you up to?

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"I swear I'm not that Mom...."

Lately, I've noticed myself beginning sentences with the phrase. "I swear I'm not that Mom...." We all know the "kind of Mom," I'm talking about, the over-protective, kind of overbearing, extremely anxious, and extremely opinionated Mom, who seems to always be "de-germing" their kids and or giving an evil glare to another not so perfect Mom.  For those of you that know me, I don't act like this at all, BUT I am very aware how easy it is to fall into this habit and judge another Mom and or worry a little too much about your child. So I try really hard to never be anything even close to THAT Mom; I try to let my child learn for himself-- when he can, ask questions whenever I'm uncertain, and of course, let him get a little "germy" every once in awhile.

So anyways, there I was in the Pediatrician's office last week talking with one of the nurses, thanking them profusely for being so helpful and so sweet to Ford and I over the past nine months. I feel like I've called them a lot and asked a million questions these past few months and well, I felt the need to acknowledge the fact that they may think I'm a bit of a nut.... So I said something to the effect of, "You all have been so wonderful to us. I'm sorry I've called ya'll as much as I have, I swear I'm not THAT kinda Mom, but I can't thank you enough for taking the time to speak with me and really walk me through every "issue" I thought we were having. My favorite nurse looked at me and said something that really resonated.... She said " First of all, you don't call THAT much! And secondly, you have to realize that if your acknowledging that you might be THAT Mom, your soooooo not that kind of Mom bc those Mom's don't even realize how nutty their being!"

Hah! that kinda of made sense to me! Not only did it make me feel better about the job I'm doing, but it also made me a little more apathetic to the Moms out there that sometimes aren't so nice. After all, we're all just trying to be the best Moms we can be and c'mon.... it's a jungle out there people!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Wife Breakfast Burritos

So, I told you all awhile back one of my 2012 goals was to have a prepared meal for dinner every night (no more junk!). So far, that's been working out splendidly! Out of the seven super healthy freezer meals I've made, only one was a bust and to be perfectly honest, it wasn't that bad, the recipe just called for wild rice and well, hubby's not a big fan....

So, in keeping with this goal, I wanted to come up with something for T to eat for breakfast that he would a.) actually want to eat, b.) take the time to grab it and c.) was relatively healthy..... well healthier then Taquito's from Whataburger....which coincidentally are right around the corner from us and quite easy for him to stop and grab.... bad.....

Enter the Super Wife Breakfast Burritos...... He loves them! And for some strange reason, the fact that he leaves every morning-- fed, makes me feel like an even better wife..... yah, I think I may have a Mrs. Cleaver complex... (hubby wants me to explain right now that he in no way EXPECTS breakfast or dinner from me). Anyways, back to my burritos. I go ahead and make a bunch of them (about 10) and then freeze them! They are scrumptious and EASY.... If your mouth is watering and you can't wait to make these little yummies; here's my recipe (I used someone else's recipe, but altered it by adding a few things and making my own potatoes vs. freezer potatoes):

5-6 medium sized potatoes, cubed
1 red bell pepper , chopped
1 medium sized onion, chopped
1 tbs olive oil
10 eggs, (5 whole eggs, 5 egg whites) scrambled
1/2 lb ground light sausage, or turkey sausage
1 10 oz. can green chili sauce
8-10 burrito size flour tortillas
1 cup reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese

1. First, boil your cubed potatoes until tender, then drain and set aside. Saute in olive oil -onions and red bell pepper until tender; add cooked potatoes to frying pan, cook for an additional two/ three minutes. Set aside.
2. In skillet, brown sausage. Remove from heat and drain excess fat. Set aside.
3. Make scrambled eggs (however you make them), set aside.
4. To assemble burritos: WArm flour tortillas on skillet or griddle until flexible; turning once. Fill tortillas with 1/3 C. scrambled eggs, 2-3 T of sausage, and 1/3 C of potatoes. Top with cheddar cheese and 1T of green chili sauce. Fold filled tortillas into burritos. Wrap each burrito in plastic wrap, then place individual burritos in a freezer bag. Freeze.

Serving Day Instructions:
Heat in microwave for one minute, turn burrito over, heat for one more minute.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So about that mischievous little man............

Sure enough, I had no sooner called my kiddo mischievous, when Little found the dog food and tried to share a meal with Tana!!!! Absolutely gross! Yep, that's him shoving kibble in his mouth.... Gotta love little boys! I'm sooo going for the "Mom of the Year," award....... 

Then, later that afternoon, I turned the corner to find this.....

Told you, I've got one little trouble-maker on my hands, folks :)

Ford is nine months......

Hah, yah, so for those of you that follow this blog, you might be thinking..... what the heck happened to eight months? Well, this crazy Mama flat out forgot all about it! Oops! I guess I'll have to photoshop an eight month sticker into a picture for his Baby Book- argh.....darn it!

That said, we've had a very busy month eight and nine! I know I say this every post, but I just can't flipping believe how FAST it goes by!  I just met a friend who is due on April 19th of this year (Ford's due date!) and well, it just puts everything into perspective.... It really does fly.

That said, Ford, you have been a busy bee, these past two months!  You are now wearing eighteen month clothing- holy smokes! You are in the 90th percentile for weight (24 lbs!) and you are off the charts in height, coming in at 31 inches! Something tells me your going to be tall like your Daddy!

You crawl like a mad man, your sooooo fast! If Mommy turns her head for one second, chances are your playing in Tana's water dish-- that's your absolute favorite thing to do! You know your not supposed to and the second I turn the corner you die laughing bc you know you've been caught....such a rascal!

You are so close to walking. You can walk along the edge of the couch and coffee table and teeter back and fourth from each piece of furniture. You'll even reach out and grab my hand, using only that for support. Holy smokes, seriously--- I am NOT ready for you to walk!!!

You've got three teeth (your two bottom front and one top front) and two more on the way! You've just started eating little pieces of food. I am so proud that you try everything! And generally like everything! Your becoming so independent and growing increasingly weary of Mommy feeding you- you want to do it all by yourself. You look at me with your lips pursed and grunt when your aggravated. Once I give in and give you your own food to eat, you laugh and seem to say " See Mom, I can do it all by myself!" Tana absolutely loves when I do this bc you leave her little treats all over the ground.

Speaking of Tana, she's your best bud! Over the past two months you two have really become quite a pair. You've learned to throw and associate the yellow tennis ball with her. You can't throw very far, but gosh it's adorable to watch you try and play fetch with Tana, you scream in delight when she drops the ball in your lap.... I absolutely adore this.

Although you were saying Mamamama and Dadadadada at seven months, I don' think you really knew what or who that meant, but now you are very clear. When you want Mamama it's VERY clear! And when your Dadada comes home, you repeat it continuously!

And finally, your WAVING! You've got your hand turned around so that actually when you wave your waving to yourself, but it's still the cutest thing ever....

Little, you are absolutely positively the best thing that ever happened to Mommy and Daddy; what an adventure! We love watching you grow and CANNOT believe we've already started to talk about your  FIRST birthday...... yikes! What can we say except, mischievous little man you are the heart and soul of this little thing we call family :).

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