Monday, February 28, 2011

My Texas Shower!

What a fun weekend we had! The weather was beautiful and absolutely perfect for a baby shower! My lovely Texas friends were kind enough to throw me a wonderful and special shower which I thoroughly enjoyed! Here are just a few pics....

Isn't the cake sooooo cute???!?!? You all know how I LOVE a good monogram! 

The shower was simply perfect and as I mentioned above made me feel so special! Tyler and I have only lived in DFW for a little over a year and gosh, we've been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people who I'm really going to miss when we head to San Antonio. The good news though is most of the friends we've made work with Tyler, so we'll still get to see them :) Yay!!! 

Thank you ladies so, so much! 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hey you, yah you....

So, as we near the end of this long, long, LONG experience I think I may be starting to lose my mind. This morning as I was pouring myself my one cup of coffee, I found myself chatting with my tummy. Yes, you read that right. Chatting with my tummy. Like not a " Ford, stop kicking.." like a "Ford did you sleep well monkey? You awake in there? We've gotta get in the shower so we can get to the dealership...." Yah.... I'm losing it. 

I know baby's can hear inside the womb, but I think this may be a bit extreme :) 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Laughing at myself.....

So, this morning I was going through my typical morning routine- waking up, coffee, shower, facial regimen, drying hair, doing hair etc. all while blaring my ipod. I have a habit of singing along to the songs that pop up and every once in awhile when a really good one comes on, I tend to belt it. So how embarrassing when our lawn man knocked on my door to talk about some flower beds..... here I am belting out the lyrics to Do You Believe in Love by Cher  (don't judge:))..... wow.... I'm that woman..... to make it even funnier. He actually said, "Ms. Deneault you have a great voice"...... I am DYING........

This actually made me start thinking of the oldie but goodie commercial from way back when. Do you remember this commercial? Love it! 

(obviously the lawn man is not my husband, but you get the point) 

Happy Hump Day! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weird things my husband does......

So, this week, I'm cleaning, getting organized and deciding what we're taking to corporate housing and what we're not. The good news is T's company does a really good job of "moving" you when all goes according to plan. Unfortunately, since we haven't sold our house yet, there's no need to technically move all of our stuff since decorated homes tend to sell more quickly. That said,T and I are on our own for the first move. Which basically means stuffing all our clothes, food, and baby Ford's essentials into our cars this Sunday! Fun! That said, I'm trying to organize and get prepared to add some sanity to the impending chaos :)

So, with that background in mind, I'm going through our pantry and come across this little baggy:

What you can't see is behind this, there's one filled with soy sauce, and then another filled with ketchup and mustard.... Wow.... my husband may have an issue. So I did what any good wife would do, I of course call him out on this weirdness and take the opportunity to tease the hubs justttttttt a bit :) Here's how the conversation ensues....

Me: Hey Connie, do you mind if I pitch your stash of sauces??
Tyler: Why are you calling me my Dad?
Me: Well to be fair I'm not sure if I should call you your Dad or Meme? But since I never met your Meme I'm going with Connie.
Tyler: Why?
Me: Um.... why do we need a gazillion little packets of sauces
Tyler: Well, I mean you never know. Don't throw those out! We can USE those!
Me: Tyler we have a bottle of hot sauce, soy sauce, ketch up, AND mustard.....
Tyler: Don't throw those out they're perfectly good! I'll use them! (says in angry, desperate, fearful that I may pitch them while he's gone voice)

Wow..... if I wasn't sure before, I am completely convinced Tyler is his father or at least a TRUE Deneault. Let me put it this way, last time Tyler's Dad was in town he not only "ganked" enough extra Target plastic bags to sink a ship, he relished in all the ways we could use said bags. And although I never had the pleasure of meeting his Mother (Tyler's Meme), I'm told (via my husband) she was known to clean out a sugar packet bowl on a restaurant table. Well folks rest assured, if you are EVER in need of sauce packets, plastic bags, sugar packets or hotel take-aways--- my husband is your man. :)

Love you honey! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

Tyler and I had a super weekend. It was nice to put all that's going on aside and just have a weekend that focused on us. No baby, no moving, no selling our home- just us.

Friday night we headed over to the Southlake Deneault's house and hung out with the family. Tyler's Mom was in town visiting so it was great to get to visit and catch up with her! Tyler made his world famous twice baked potatoes. This time he variated a little bit though, after some advice from my Dad, and added sautéed portabello mushrooms and onions to the taters. I'll tell you what-- they were already amazing, but these extra ingredients push them OVER the top! Of course in true Crispin fashion, I neglected to take a picture. (Hopefully, I get better at this when Baby comes!)

On Saturday, Tyler and I woke up and took Tana for a very long walk! The weather was finally cooperating ( it was GORGEOUS!) so we wanted to take advantage. Here's a pic of me..... as always in an attempt to always be completely honest.... This is me WEARING TYLER'S WORK OUT CLOTHES!!!!! ARGH.... I'm so at that uncomfortable, maternity clothes are starting not to fit, AGHHHH " get this baby out of me" stage..... (Brooke and Ashley STOP laughing! you'll be there soon enough :))

 Then T and I took an introductory camera class all afternoon. As you may or may not remember, T got me a spiffy Nikon D5000 for Christmas. It's the coolest camera. Or at least it will be, once I learn how to use it :) The class was really helpful and T and I learned a lot! I'm glad T took it with me though bc he was able to pick up much more quickly what the teacher was saying. There were a lot of technical terms which made me kinda scratch my head and say "huh?" But all and all- VERY helpful!

Saturday night was our "Date Night." T and I headed to Central Market and picked up all the ingredients for some yummy pizza. I gotta say, we outdid ourselves....

After dinner, because we obviously weren't glutinous enough, Tyler and I took a drive to get some ice cream. YUM! Have you ever had a hand-dipped cone from DQ..... This was my first experience and I gotta say- IT'S DELISH!!!!! Good thing it's about 3 blocks away from m house. I've gotta feeling I'll be stopping by there again sometime this week :)

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! This week we're super busy in the Deneault household. I am packing up and getting organized! That's right, the Deneault's are moving to San Antonio this coming Monday! Lots to do, lots to do! No, we did not find a house. We are Corporate Apartment bound.... ARGH.... that said.... I'm sure this only means I will have LOTS of fun stories to share during the next few weeks! 


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I'm spending some quality time with the "keeper of my heart" on this beautiful sunny weekend. 


Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This post is for Brooke, Elizabeth, Klement and Shane......

Or anyone else, who is as obsessive-compulsive about monogramming for that matter. I just received mine in the mail. 

And I am completely in love. 

You can thank me later :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You know you are officially out of the "honeymoon stage" when....

Hubby gets you a blender for Valentine's Day!!!! 

Just kidding! I am elated!!! For those of you who can't make out what this is, this is THE MacDaddy of food processor/blenders- The Vitamix!!! I have wanted this pretty much since the first day I found out I was pregnant! Have you ever seen Baby Boom with Diane Keaton? She's my inspiration :). I am on a mission to create all my kiddos baby food, so this little ditty is going to come in handy! 

Wuhoo! Can't wait to try this baby out! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When Dad's away......

Montana gets his side of the bed :) 

Good Night! 

A blog award!

Thanks Miranda for my very first blog award! So exciting! So now, in order to be a good blogger, I've got to divulge 7 random facts AND pass it on, so..... here goes...... (hope I made these somewhat interesting!)

1. I have an intense celebrity crush-

I love the way she dresses, classic and simple (seriously I want every outfit she's ever worn!). I love the way she carries herself in public, so polite and yet so personable. And I love the way she just seems to NOT take herself too seriously. Love!  

2. My favorite thing to do in the whole world is go boating in the summer. Not to fish, not to water ski, but to find an awesome mudflat in the middle of the ocean and park it. Also included- good friends, good food, and Christen Crum's Sangria.... Ideally I'd choose her "Painkiller" cocktail, but that probably wouldn't hold up on a boat. 

3. I am one of the weird people that liked high school more than college. Don't get me wrong I had my fair share of fun in college (Go Noles!) but personally I struggled, stumbled, and fell flat on my face far too many times; high school was just so much simpler and honest for me. I lost my true self in college and it took a long time to for me to re-find "her." 

4. I am slightly jealous of Kate Middleton! (Weird, right?) Blame it on my Mom, but I remember as a little girl realizing that Prince William was my age and just thinking he was too cute for words (Remember Tiger Beat!) and my Mom saying "You know, if you married him, you could be a Queen bc of our lineage...." Well, that just started all kinds of day-dreaming..... darn you Kate Middleton.... jk. 

5. Speaking of Princes..... (this will make you laugh and  ensure tons of teasing from the "Garrett's"). I think my husband looks like a Prince right out of a Disney classic. I tell him this constantly. (He is reading this now, DYING that I put this out in the open, LOVE YOU honey!!!!)

6. I really want to adopt---- eventually! I am very lucky and (obviously) can bare children. However, ever since I worked in an orphanage in Brazil, seven summers ago, I've wanted to adopt a less-fortunate child from a second or third world country. In fact, before even marrying Tyler- I put this on the table, luckily he agreed :). However, Tyler and I have gone from wanting three children to two, so after Ford's arrival, we'll have a lot of big decisions to make! 

7. Lilly Pulitzer is my absolute favorite clothing designer and in fact, I've gotta admit that although I am brimming with excitement for my sweet baby boy, I am BUMMED Lilly doesn't make a little boy's clothing line. Tyler however is breathing a HUGE sigh of relief.......

And those are my 7 Random Facts! I am now awarding and sharing the love with my dear, dear, dear " real-life friend .dear.jenny

Happy Tuesday! 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nursery Inspiration.....

Ummm, I may not be able to start decorating my nursery yet, BUT this picture just made me drool. Ford will definitely have a library in his nursery. Especially, since, at my last shower each attendee was asked to buy their favorite children's book and sign the inside, I've racked up quite a few children's classics!  And this looks like a great way to make books into art- love! 

This picture also strikes close to my heart as my Dad was/is a big promoter of reading. I wasn't spoiled by any means, but my Dad had a rule- He would always spend money on books. And well, this may or may not  have back-fired on him bc i was (and still am!) the biggest bookworm EVER! He may have spent a small fortune.... I love to read and at a young age I was blowing through books like they were going out of style! To this day, I can still read an interesting book cover to cover in one sitting. No joke. I hope that I can instill this love of reading in my child too and well, this book case just might do the trick :) 


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pregnancy Love....

A few items that I am absolutely in love with and have used or worn almost everyday of my pregnancy....

I have no idea how long Pea in the Pod will carry these jeggings, but I am telling you. If you are pregnant or are planning on becoming pregnant buy these babies! Actually buy 3 pairs of these babies ( I own four!) They are so comfortable, still look great after a gazillion washes, and the best part- are SUPER forgiving.... I am telling you if you buy one item on my list, THIS is the item to get! 

Tom's Shoes. Or as Tyler likes to refer to them my "sparkling Grandma shoes" You don't have to get the bedazzler pair like mine, but I'm telling you these shoes are so comfortable! Cushy, Cushy! Plus the price tag is not bad at all! 

So these are a bit pricey- Tory Burch Revas. But I'm telling you, I resisted this trend for 2 years and finally gave in this past Christmas and man I am so glad I did! They are the most UNcomfortable shoes for about the first two weeks as they mold to your foot, but afterward- WOW. Heaven..... Plus, I figured if I HAD to give up heels, these were definitely worth wearing :) 

Gap Body T's! Comfy, comfy, comfy! And again, most importantly- forgiving! 

Shaper tanks! Trust me, month 6,7,8,9- you need these (unless your Victoria Beckham) ! They are like Spanx for preggos. I'm telling you- you need them! Buy one in white, black, and nude! I wear them with everything! 

These products have saved my crazy preggo skin and of course are safe for preggos! Avalon Organics are the way to go! You can find their products in most Whole Food stores. 

Buy both of these! Obviously, no explanation necessary! All I'm saying is STOCK UP!!!!:) You can thank me later bc you will use both YOU WHOLE ENTIRE PREGNANCY!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 Weeks to go and a few truths about pregnancy.....

Wow, it's hard to believe that in 10 short weeks Tyler and I are going to be parents to a sweet baby boy. It's simply nutty to think that this time last year we weren't even thinking baby... (Well truth be told I was, I was drooling baby, but hubby was stilllllllll a bit apprehensive). Fast forward to a year later and gosh, we're in the home stretch! Yikes, how life changes!

I've learned quite a bit over the last seven months and things I never thought I'd do as a preggo, I've completely succumbed to and now gladly accept. A few examples of this include:

1.) Wearing yoga pants & sneakers like it's going out of style! I used to see these preggos out and about and used to think, " Geez, when I'm preggo, I'm going to dress so cute!" Well, yah, that lasted for about 4 seconds. The truth is, as your belly bulges, you realllllly want as little constricting you as possible... Yoga pants rock.... I retract all my ill thoughts that I had towards the poor preggos I saw before joining the club. I was wrong.

2. Becoming a couch potato/ hermit. I also thought I'd continue to be as active as I'd always been. Running around, making lists, crossing things off etc. Yah, not so much. Let's just say my couch has a permanent indent where I've spent most of my days. And as far as going out.... Not to sound like an alcoholic, but it's not as much fun when you can't partake in the festivities. Plus, have you ever been sober around a bunch a drunk people? Gives you a whole new perspective, that's for sure :).

3. Eating ridiculously healthy! So, yah I DO eat extremely healthfully. I follow all the preggo rules. I buy mostly all organic. I eat all my veggies and drink three glasses of milk a day. I make sure to eat everything I'm supposed to, to give my baby all he needs to grow etc. HOWEVER..... I've also indulged in a lot of cravings. And while most women have told me they were grossed out by fast food when they were preggo- I have been a fast food junkie!!!!!! Let's just say pregnant, I've eaten more quarter pounders then I ever have before..... weird. Hopefully Ford does not come out screaming "Mc-y-D's Please!"

4. There are a few more that I could share, however; even thinking about them makes me blush. So let me just put it this way.... I thought I would maintain my girlish mystery...... Let's just say hubby now  knows way more about my personal habits thenI EVER thought I'd be comfortable enough sharing.... Thank goodness I've got such an understanding husband :) Femininity goes OUT the window when your pregnant..... seriously..... kiss your bashfulness goodbye!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

I'm always trying to come up with creative gifts for my friends- hostess gifts, wedding gifts, baby gifts etc. So when I find a good place I love to share...

I really wanted to do something nice for my sweet friends and sister. They worked so hard and did such a  fantastic job hosting my shower that I wanted to give them something special to show my appreciation. My little sister was easy bc lately, she should be called the " Incredible Shrinking Woman," with all the weight she's lost, so I immediately knew there was a shopping spree in her future.

My girlfriends were a bit tougher. I wanted to do something different... something unique.... And then it hit me.... I HAD to incorporate the "Poodle!" To make a very long story as short as possible, I've got this girlfriend Brooke who is the spitting image of Karen Walker from the old TV show, Will and Grace- walks/talks/acts like her.... she is adorable (she's standing next to me in some of  my shower pics with black hair/ navy and pink dress). This girl, NEVER leaves home without her Chanel red lipstick. She could be going to the gym and I swear she'd be wearing her lipstick, she's just that kinda girl. We LOVE her! Needless to say, to add to this image in your mind, she calls everyone she loves "Poodle!" Meaning, "How are you doing Poodle?" "Awww,  it'll be all right Poodle" etc. (you get the idea). And from there, we've sort of adapted to it and now jokingly/ endearingly call each other poodles. Yah we're THOSE girls and we're THAT mature :)

Anyhow, so all of a sudden it hit me.... Tyler and I had received this REALLY neat hand painted ornament for Christmas from his Dad and Gigi from this VERY cool store in St. Pete-  Pinky's Painted Cottage. I immediately wondered if she might be able to make me poodle ornaments!? I called the lovely owner, Kaylee and asked her about my idea.... After she finished laughing at my quasi childish request, she was on it and MAN did they turn out great!!! Not only did my friends adore these ornaments but they were dying to know where they came from!? Here are a few pics.....

These pictures don't even do these ornaments justice, they are too cute! Not only does Kaylee do painted serving ware & accessories but she also is a WHIZ at Shabby Chic Interior Design and I'm telling you what guys, if I still lived in St. Pete this woman would be designing my house- she is THAT good! I highly recommend checking out her website or popping into her store in St. Pete. It's worth a look, trust me, you'll drool! 

I also ordered my friends some super cute custom stationary from another one of my favorite stores Silhouette Blue . Her stationary is so pretty, unique and reasonably priced. Plus, she is a gem to work with! I've ordered stationary from this store multiple times and it always looks fantastic and people always inquire where I found it. Here's an example....

Enjoy! Happy Saturday! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Shower in Pictures.....

So, here are a few pics from my St. Petersburg shower. My girlfriends and sister worked so hard and I truly had a blast, it was SO special and SO fun!!! Unfortunately, I spent so much time gabbing it up that I didn't get very many candids of all the wonderful women who attended, boo! But there are a few, thanks to my sister who forced me to sit still and pose! Enjoy!
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