Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm just saying....

Ummm..... ok, so I am struggling with my baby weight gain big time. In case you are the only person I haven't told, let me clue you in.... I gained 60 lbs. while pregnant with Baby Ford. Yes, you read that correctly- 60. For the most part I ate very healthfully and organically BUT I'm not going to lie, I did imbibe in a Quarter Pounder a time or two.... or 'er... three......times and now I'm paying the price. Ford is now three months old and I'm currently hanging out at the 147 mark. I'm 5' BARELY 3 people.... This is a lot on my small frame! It's not so much the number as it is the way I feel.... To understand this I've got to give you a little history...

My weight has always been a bit of a roller coaster and unfortunately, for the most part it's always been tied to my emotions.... Here's a brief trip down memory lane.... Chubby girl with a bad haircut AND braces enters high school gets teased beyond belief. Chubby girl grows hair out, looses braces meets boy. Chubby Girl loses weight becomes Skinny Girl, enjoys the rest of high school. Skinny Girl enters college with boyfriend all is good. Skinny Girl breaks up with boyfriend, boyfriend moves on in a hot second (long, long, story), Skinny Girl is brokenhearted and begins to date her food/beer for the rest of college. Chubby girl HATES college (imagine why....). Chubby Girl graduates from college and decides to take back her life. Chubby Girl loses 40 lbs. (Yes 40!) all on my own- yay tunafish and mustard (long story). Skinny girl meets love of her life, looses 15 more! Skinny girl is happy :)

Now don't get me wrong, I would gladly gain another 60 lbs. if it meant having an adorable child like Ford, however..... this lingering weight has got me feeling WAY down in the dumps bc all I have to do is look at a picture from college to know exactly what I look like and trust me.... it's not pretty.... but regardless of how I know I look I just can't get into diet mode and it's driving me CRAZY!

I don't know how all these new Moms do it! I'm exhausted, the last thing I want to do is hop on the elliptical, even if it is right upstairs..... I can barely bring myself to take a walk with the kiddo and heck if it wasn't for my inherent fear that my child would get jaundice from never going outside, I probably wouldn't even get myself to do the walk! I've turned into a lazy mess people! When did this happen???

I went from health food freak, exerciser- extraordinaire to lazy couch potato, fast food junkie..... bad, bad, bad.......

SO..... now that I've let you in on my dirty, dirty little secret, I'm asking for your help...... I am going to start checking in weekly and posting my new weight with the hopes that if I know I have to post it, I won't eat it and I will climb the 12 steps up to our game room and work out!!! What do you think can I do it? Do any of you new Moms have tips? Please, share!!! What is your secret? How did you reclaim your body??

ARGH, weight gain is a bummer! 

Wish me luck!!!!


  1. Crispin,
    No babies yet here, but I am trying to lose a few lbs, since the bikini I put on last weekend should have been a one-piece. I just got an iPad and I know there is an app for the iPhone too... it is called Calorie Counter. You put in what you eat every day, and what activities you do, and a plan for how much you want to lose by a certain date. So far, I have stuck to eating better, and only fell off the wagon one day this past weekend. For the most part, I eat my target amount of calories in order to lose the weight I want. It is just easy to keep track of everything! Hope everything is great in TX - we miss you in FL!!!
    xoxo- Natalie

  2. weight watchers! they've made it so easy, no books. everything is online and they have phone app's too so you can look up stuff on the go. it's only like $20 or $30 a month i think and you can still eat junk food as long as you 'budget' appropriately. seriously. weight watchers online is the way to go. you can even add 'breastfeeding' to your profile so it will calculate in those needs for your baby too

  3. Aw honey! First breath. Now know that for MOST people it takes a year for the bid to shift back and the weight gone. I totally agree w weight watchers, helped me after all of my kids and is very safe and easy for new moms. Once the weather is better get out and walk w ford, also I did one of those stroller classes and it was fun and met some moms.
    It will happen, just takes time for us normal people!
    Vicki n

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  5. I did a fruit shake diet (1 shake for breakfast, few carrots for lunch, and 1 shake for dinner) and lost 120 lbs in 3 months

  6. No babies here yet but all I've got to say is you can do it girlfriend =)

  7. I'm not a mommy yet, but I know what's big for me, especially when I'm having a rough go of things is to remember that every bite, every stair is a choice. And that's a lot of little victories every day. Keep your head up - you can do this, doll!


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