Friday, July 29, 2011

This and that....

Fair warning this post is a hodge podge of random thoughts floating through my head this gloomy Friday morning.....

1. I think we may have a thumbsucker on our hands. Ford has definitely found his thumb and the last few times I've put him down, he's refused his paci and opted for his thumb.... hmmm... not sure how I feel about this. 

2. The tree in Ford's room still has not been painted. The ladder and chalk drawing stare at me every morning, begging to be finished.... hopefully this weekend. 

3. My wonderful, wonderful housekeeper comes today! (Thank you hubby for allowing me this little luxury once every two weeks!) I do not know what I would do without her!

4. Yesterday I booked my flight to Florida for September.... for a whopping 10 days! During that time one of my besties will be turning the big 3-0..... HOLY SMOKES! When did we become adults?

5. I am DREAMING of Florida Boating.... hopefully my friends will take me out while Ford and I are home :) ( hint, hint)

6. I've lost six pounds since my cry baby post about my weight.... YAY! 

7. We're in the midst of planning our Girlfriend Getaway to NYC this December! Some of my fav's have signed on but I'm still holding out for the "Ch/Kristen's to join in on the fun! :) (another hint hint) 

8. I'm watching GMA this morning and WISHING I was in NYC this morning to see Debbie Gibson and Tiffany.... yah, I'm a nerd, I know :)

9. Still on the fence about the new blog look......

Alright, so anyways, I told you, totally random thoughts..... 
Have a SUPER weekend!

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