Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nursery Progress.....

Ok, so this whole moving into a new house right after having a baby thing has REALLY slowed down my decorating capabilities :) BUT I have started to make some progress on Ford's nursery! So maybe by the time he's one I'll have it finished, but in the meantime.... Here are a few pics....

We still need a curtain and a little side table next to our glider. The top book shelf has some of my most cherished toys from when I was a kid. 

 My version of a nursery gallery wall, still missing pictures for a few frames, I just haven't found anything that I'm like "I have to get this!" But I am scouring etsy daily :) The pictures I do have, I love....

This picture actually hung in my Dad's room when he was a kid!

And this is a needlepoint that my Dad's Mother made in 1976. I had it reframed and actually had them attach the inscription on the back- so neat!!! 

Still working on this wall, but as you can see I got my animal heads from Anthropologie :).

And this wall is still a work in progress... thinking about a monogram above this picture of Senor Ford. Hmmmm....

Ford's closet 

My baby bumper..... GRRR! So, this is a frustration. I love my crib and I love my bedding for Ford. The issue...... They don't fit together. My crib only has two levels to move the mattress height. The current level doesn't give enough space to tie the top ties of the bumper to the crib and then it's so high that you can't even see the skirt detail. The other level is the " toddler" level. And that just won't work right now.... ARGH. Trying to figure out a solution bc I love the bedding. You can find it here. Does anyone else have this problem???


  1. kid has more clothes and paris hilton! his nursery looks awesome!!

  2. Looks very cool; love the animal heads! I don't have any children and it is taking me forever to unpack/decorate so don't feel bad!

  3. too cute!
    confused about your bedding issue? I think when my kids were newborns we didnt connect one side of the bumper, so you can see in the crib better but you can still have the bumper...does that make sense? maybe it can fit like that?


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