Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who are these women??? Are you one of them???

First of all, I really can't complain because most of the time, at some point during the day, I do manage to get a shower.... Now, "when" I get a shower is a whole other topic, but, I know most new Mom' s struggle with this, so I guess in a way I'm lucky.....

Here's my issue/question.

I said I got a shower, what I did not say and what I do not get is time to put on my face (make up) and do my hair. Honestly, I can "live" without the makeup (for now) but I've gotta figure out a new routine for my hair. I know my straight short hair may not look like it, but it literally takes me about 45 minutes to do! I was not blessed with "easy" hair. I am not one of those women who can just role out of bed, pull a comb through it and go. I'm a dry my hair (with a roller brush and a billion products), straighten, and then style kinda gal. Believe me this isn't by choice, if I let my hair air dry, holy moley, it's an ugly mess. In my dream world I'd at least be able to air dry it and then put it in a pony, but alas, I can't even do that.

So, I ask, no.... I beg, if you are one of those LUCKY women who have mastered their hair and you have straight hair like me, WHAT are some of your secret weapons that make it easier/quicker for you??? As a lot of you know, free time is far and inbetween when your a new Mom and I do not want to waste my forty-five minutes of freedom on my hair......

So, please, help this Mama out..... 
What do you do?


  1. sleep with it wet so it's messy 'in a good way' and throw a braid in the front! it's summer time. beach hair is ok. even in tx :)

  2. this is so funny!
    I have bad hair too! I hate those women who always look super! Grrrr!

  3. I have thin, straight hair, and a really great cut makes all the difference in the world. I get a great cut, and I can make my hair look good (wavy or straight) in less than a minute with a flat iron. A mediocre haircut and it'll take 20 minutes to look as good. Which is not to say I have great hair, especially at the moment. Besides, if I had great hair, maybe I wouldn't take advantage of the rare opportunity to nap when my little one goes down. ;-)

  4. Moroccan Oil has worked wonders with drying faster! AND it smells super yummy!


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