Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baby products I heart.....

So many of my friends (and friends of friends) are having babies and being a new Mom I definitely know how OVERWHELMING registering for the little one can be! There are so many products out there, how do you know what really works and what doesn't? I remember being so confused! Thank goodness I had a sister-in-law (who's pretty much a pro after four children) who took me by the hand and said "this is what you really need!" No diaper genie for me folks! So, with this in mind, I thought I'd share a few products that have really saved my life thus far  or that I just plain love :). Hope it helps! 

Aden and Anais Swaddling Blankets 

We have about 15 of them and I swear to you they are the only swaddling blanket you want. They are light and easy to transport everywhere. They swaddle really nicely without overheating the baby. Literally anytime Ford naps he's wrapped in one and I always have one in my diaper bag. They have their own brand, which you can find  here and then a cheaper version at, Target. We've got both and personally I think the Tarjay brand is just as good! 


This is THE best investment we ever made. It's a bit pricey, but we justified this expense for a few reasons 1.) It could be considered a bouncer AND a swing (there's like seven movements to choose from) 2.) It's got a built in sound machine, score! and 3.) Let's be honest, it doesn't look as eeewwy gooey baby as all the other products out there, plus it's really compact, which I like because this little baby sits in my family room.

Ugly Baby Paci's (Avent Soothies)

The Nurses in the NICU gave these to Ford in the hospital and needless to say my son was hooked. He will not use ANY of the cute pacifiers I bought- he only wants these horribly ugly ones (boo!). However, the one cool thing that I will say about these, is that they have a hole on the outside where you can stick your finger in it. Ford loves this and sucks harder when we are just hanging out with him, with our finger in his paci's (I assume he likes this bc it's basically acting as a gum massager). So despite the fact that he looks like that baby from the Simpson's when he sucks on it, he loves it and it makes him hush :) So, I say hey- the heck with cuteness. 

Baby K'Tan

This has been a lifesaver while we've been dealing with Ford's "colic" and or constipation. When Ford is inconsolable and only wants to be held, my arms get pretty tired considering I birthed a moose. That said, this carrier is AWESOME. Again, there's like seven different positions I can put him in, but right now he really digs the cradle position. We've got the baby bjorn too, but honestly, it just doesn't hold him snuggly enough. I think I'll like the bjorn a lot more when he gets bigger but right now, this K'Tan is a lifesaver!!!!

Kissy Kissy Footies

I've said it before and I'll say it again..... I am a baby boy clothing snob. There are SO many cute clothes from all price ranges on the market for little girls, BUT when it comes to boys I have not found anything that I like in the mainstream stores. Instead, I've gone boutique or leaned toward my staple for anyone- Polo. I'm just really into classic, clean cut, sweet, light colors on babies. So, that said, if you feel like me, then you'd LOVE Kissy Kissy I love their whole line but specifically I love their soft footies. They are so sweet. All of them are white with cute small "boyish" designs. And MOST importantly, SO easy to get on and off!!! 

So, there you have it! Are there any other cool products out there that I may be missing? 

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