Wednesday, April 13, 2011

People can be ridiculous!

Ok here's me on my soap box.... again (fair warning)

So this morning, everyone is up in arms over a picture featured in the Spring Crew Cuts Catalogue.

It's a picture of J.Crew designer Jenna Lyons and her son, horsing around with pink nail polish and yes his cute little toes are painted pink. People are complaining that this "confuses" children and this is a major reason for new "gender issues" and confusion in the USA. Parents have a responsibility, blah...blah...blah.....Well here's what I've got to say..... if you truly think that- your an idiot. 

I'm sorry, but a five year old kid is NOT confused about who he/she is. Their learning who they are for pete sake. their exploring their gender, their Mom's gender, their Dad's gender.... they have no idea the definitive lines (according to American standards) of each gender and at five I don't think we need to beat that into them. Let kids be kids. I'm not saying it's not your right as a parent to decide what your kid will and will not play with BUT what I am saying is it's not your right to judge other parents for the choices they make in this regard. 

And furthermore, what irritates me even more about the matter is if this was a picture of a little girl playing trucks with her Dad or digging for worms with an older brother, no one would bat an eyelash. It's hypocrisy at it's finest. My sister was the biggest tom boy known to man when she was a kid. In fact, I'd venture to say she had more boy friends than girls. She LOVED digging for worms,  playing trucks and getting dirty AND GUESS WHAT??? She's not a lesbian!?! To assume that the toys and games we play as children have anything to do with the gender we relate to best as adults is ludicrous. Again, let a kid be a kid. If Ford wants me to paint his toe nails... I'm going to paint his stinking toenails.  


Ok, Getting off my soap box now....


  1. i agree with you. relax, breath, and please paint someones toes pink!

  2. ...and this is why i love you. perfect balance of being 'prude-ish' while being progressive and open.


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