Monday, April 11, 2011

No progress!

So I had my weekly OBGYN appointment this afternoon and as far as she could tell there's been NO progress from last week. So, I'm currently hanging out- 50% effaced. ARGH..... 

There may be nothing going on down there, BUT in other news--- I'm as swollen as a hot dog! I feel like I could burst out of my skin at any second! Check out this hot picture of my piglets..... cute huh?

Yah, not so much. Ouch, ouch, ouch. I don't care what you may or may not have been told about pregnancy or experienced during your own pregnancy--- there is NOTHING glamorous about your last month of pregnancy. In fact, it's just plain miserable, uncomfortable, and awful.

The good news is,  my doctor said Ford's head is super super low, so when I do decide to dilate, it could go pretty "fast" So she told me to get walking! But with swollen feet like this, I'm not sure how much walking I'll be doing!? We'll see.... cross your fingers. 

Until then I'm trying every natural method of inducing possible!!!!!


  1. I agree with you. The last month is just miserable. Keep your head up your almost done!

  2. Hang in there babies come when they are good and ready. Thanks for the comment over at Remodelaholic.


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