Thursday, April 21, 2011

All my bags are packed......

I'm ready to go......

Ok, so I am a bit of a nut. I have packed and repacked my hospital bag and new diaper bag 5,000 times this week! But now, I think it's officially safe to say, I'm ready! 

Ms. Erin over at Blue Eyed Bride blogged about her hospital bag "must haves" awhile ago and I've got to say I found this list VERY helpful. You can find her list here.  She's a Mommy of an almost two year old with another little munchkin on the way! So she's most definitely in the "know!" 

In other news, you can also see I FINALLY found a diaper bag!!! I really had commitment issues on this subject!  As most of you know, much to my husband's dismay, I'm a Louis Vuitton FREAK.  I don't think he realized that once he bought me my first one three years ago what a can of worms he'd be opening!!! That said, I do have soooommeeee restraint and was not about to fork over the bajillion dollars for their version of a diaper bag which really folks after touching, feeling, and contemplating this purchase, it really isn't a very good diaper bag.... even though it is BEEEE-AUTIFUL! 

I finally settled on a Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag..... BUT when it arrived and I saw all the big flower designs up close and personal and heard the noise the velcro makes when you open it( which many people had already warned me about)- I quickly decided this wasn't for me either.... 

Enter Kate Spade..... I found the above beauty at the Outlets in San Marcos and I've gotta say, I drool! (Thanks to my friend Lisa for the suggestion!!) I love it! It looks like a purse BUT still has the convenience of a diaper bag- waterproof lining, stroller straps, and a diaper pad. Heart! I also love that the design is simple and preppy. I'm just not into those big bright and bold screamingly BABY diaper bags.  Kate Spade was/is the perfect fit for me! 

So, Ford feel free to grace us with your presence at anytime because we are packed and ready for you kid!!!


  1. I love Kate Spade! I have owned various styles of hers over the years and can speak to their high quality. This is the perfect compromise between purse and diaper bag. When the time comes for a baby to enter the picture, I feel sure KS will be at the top of my list :)

  2. don't forget your baby book, if you have one.
    most hospitals will let you put the baby foot prints right into it after birth.

  3. Impressed with that bag! Wishing you good thoughts your way!


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