Monday, March 21, 2011

BIG News!!!

So, not to get ahead of myself, but I've gotta share some big news...... we found a house and we're under contract! AND not only do we think the house is adorable (built in 1937) but we are excited that we found it in our dream, old "father of the bride like" neighborhood--- Alamo Heights! YAY! We're bringing a contractor out today to discuss all the renovations and the addition we'd like to do (more on that later) and then tomorrow (the most important) we're having the inspector come out to make sure everything is in ship shape condition (please, please, please cross your fingers). If all goes according to plan we will be closing on this baby in early May! Why so far away you ask..... well, funny story... the family we're buying the house from are expecting their third baby and she's almost eight months along. So she wants to have her baby in her home before the chaos of moving takes over.... and well, we agreed, since we're basically already in the throws of a move so what's one more month in a corporate apartment? In the meantime I'll be dreaming of this cute little abode! Can't wait to make it mine!

Happy Monday!


  1. oh. my. lanta. that is THE cutest house I have ever seen. i hope everything goes well! i'm sure it will!

  2. Fingers crossed! The house is adorable!

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  4. huh, funny...fash blvd said she was obsessed w mine too....hurt. (jk.) anyway, im coming for a visit ASAP. can i have a room? ill share w bby ford if i have to. XO


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