Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ford Burton Deneault

Ford is 35 weeks today! Apparently he's the sized of a honeydew melon! Gosh, I cannot believe we are this far along. In some instances it feels like it creeps by, and then when I look back- it's flown! 5 more weeks (give or take) and we'll meet our special little boy. I cannot wait.

All of a sudden I'm hearing of others with the same name! Not only "others" but hollywood people naming their babies Ford. For instance, Owen Wilson just had a baby and he named his son Robert Ford Wilson, but will be calling him Ford.

Then I turned on the television yesterday and the Soap, All My Children was on... there's a character on there named Ford too! Yikes!

I mean, don't get me wrong both men are VERY cute, BUT I hope this doesn't become a trend and then everyone and their brother names their kid Ford! I want his name to be a littttttttle unique! Well, just in case ya'll heard it here FIRST :). Just kidding, sorta! 

Second baby class tonight! We get to watch the "live" birth..... not so excited for this! I'm a firm believer in "hear no evil, see no evil" meaning it's much easier for me to deal with something like this when I don't know exactly what's happening. Cross fingers I don't faint!

Have a great Tuesday! 

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  1. Well I think it is super unique because i have never heard of it = )


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