Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

Wow! What a busy weekend! We moved into our new corporate apartment and finally got settled! At this point in my pregnancy I would love to "nest" in my very own home but  "settling" into our rental apartment here in San Antonio WITH my hubby ( finally!!! :)) feels just as good!

So, jus to recap. Starting Friday we signed our lease, moved in, met our new OBGYN (I love her!), pre-registered at the hospital, signed up for all my new Mommy classes (they start tomorrow!) and just adjusted to our new surroundings!

Sunday we took a gigantic sigh of relief, woke up late and then decided to take the day to just meander around town. In true Crispin and Tyler fashion we decided to try our hand at a local joint for lunch. For those of you who don't know us as well.... we are HUGE food people. We pretty much live for food. If you come and stay with us, we will basically give you the "Tour of Food!" just ask anyone who has ventured out to see us, they might gain five pounds in one weekend- seriously!

So we found this local joint called Boehlers. The building has been around since 1890 and through its lifetime has been a few different restaurants but always within the same family  The building is soooo old and has a gigantic lean to it! Although it has been stabilized , it looks like it might fall over at any point (the waitress explained it's part of the charm). Tyler and I ordered off of their brunch menu and it was divine. This definitely won our seal of approvals and will definitely be first on our list of San Antonio Eats :)

Pardon my lovely mugshot..... no make up on a pregnant chick, yah not so much :) 


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  2. Crispin,
    I always enjoy reading your blog and wish you the best of luck as you wait for your baby. There is no other joy in the world like it!
    A fellow blogger sent me this today and I thought of you. It's a Stylish Blogger award, the button and directions are on my page.
    You were one of my original followers, outside of my family! Warmest wishes as you get settled in your new place.


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