Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yay for Friends!

Well, I think it's safe to say the Deneault's have "gotten their groove back!" Ford and I are finally starting to make some really good friends! San Antonio, a year later, feels like home; thanks to special friends like Miss Mattie, Miss Emma, and Miss Kate!  Now we just need to find Senor Ford a few boys, to hang out with, not that Ford's complaining obviously, look at these cutie pa-tooties! :) 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I used to be a human.

So as a Mom, I'm sure you've heard over and over again "You need to put yourself first!" and of course this line works wonders when I hire a babysitter to watch my child so I can steal two hours to get my hair done (when I force myself to schedule it!). But realistically, the rest of the time, it's an ongoing battle.

I have to honestly admit----I am soooo not one of those Mom's whose got it all together. You know the ones I'm talking about--- The Moms who go shopping with their children, and casually push the stroller around Nordstrom's with their latte's while their calm child let's them browse the shoe section--- yah, so not me. Or the Mom that run's around in her workout clothes and looks adorable and effortless (did she even work out!!!??!?), yah, not me either. I WISH!!!! I just have not mastered the art of looking like a human while raising children. Hopefully, I'll get better, uhhhhh maybe?

Children's constantly changing schedules make it hard to find time for yourself. And as a new Mom, I find that my biggest "struggle," is my guilty conscience. Even as I type this, the internal battle between "what I want to do," and "what's best for Ford," is waging inside my head. As usual, Ford's winning.

Ford has been sick on and off for about two weeks. He started with cutting his final molar, then he got a stomach bug, then he got a nasty cold. So for two weeks, he's been going to bed later, waking up earlier, taking inconsistent naps and well, just plain puzzling his Mama. Even when I've had a quiet moment to myself, the fear of him "waking up," has almost paralyzed me from starting anything for fear I'll be interrupted with a crying baby.

The one quasi "consistent" thing is his nap "time" despite the longevity of the nap, this child is like rain man when it comes to his nap--- must go down between 10-11 AM. I had hoped that all the inconsistencies would help push it back, but alas no, we're still an early napper. Which on a normal day makes it hard bc all Ford's buddies (like most NORMAL children) take an afternoon nap. Meaning, if we want to hang out we've got to do it super early! It's a pain!! The morning's are usually my time (we run errands, go to the gym etc.).

So, with all that said, this Mama is tired and I'm  honestly wondering.... How do you Mama's do it? Especially you Mama's with two, three, FOUR kids..... Oh god, that's just terrifying.....How do you make time for your child(ren), make time for your husband, keep your house sort of clean, and still feel like a human???

What's the secret?????

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sometimes I just really miss home.

Ok, so let me just say for the most part, I really dig SA. And generally I'm pretty happy here in the Lone Star state, I really am. But right about now when the weather's hot, the sun is super bright, and there's not a drop of salt water in sight---- I start aching for my hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida. I'm a beach girl to my core and spending more time in cowboy boots than swimsuits just hasn't become old hat yet.... This girl needs a saltwater breeze and a boat drink! 

The problem is... every time we go home, we're so consumed with whatever event we're going home for--- a holiday, a baby shower, a wedding, etc. that we never get to just chill and do any of the things I miss so terribly about my little piece of heaven. Usually we're at this house, then this house, then saying "hi" to these people etc. It's a whirlwind, we're in, we're out and then before you know it's time to go!

 I haven't been to the beach in almost two years or on a boat since we moved..... THAT'S A LONG TIME!!!!!! I'm grateful that we've got a beach trip to look forward to this August in Gulf Shores, Alabama, but I sure wish we could sneak into the Burg for a little R&R. Grrr! But for now, I guess I'll settle for our little Community Pool; even though we're not "supposed" to bring cocktails, maybe I can slip a little mojito in my Tervis and pretend I'm at the Sand bar..... :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Long time no see....

So, I swear, it wasn't my intention to take a month off from blogging, but holy smokes---- it's been a BUSY month! 

So what have we been up to?? Well, if you follow me on FB you know we had family in town. They'd never visited us in SA, so needless to say- we showed them the town.... You know, SeaWorld, Schlitterbahn, The Alamo, etc....  and yes Senor Ford tagged along for all of it- he was such a trooper! We had a blast, but I cannot lie, if I never see another theme park again, it'll be too soon :). 

Then, immediately after they left, I hopped on a plane and headed to West Palm Beach to celebrate one of my besties nuptials. In true Crispin fashion, I didn't take any pictures, argh. But here's one that I stole from my friend Ashley.... The wedding was a blast and as much as I missed my boys, it was fun to have a little "time off." Wasn't KT stunning???

During all these fun festivities, my little etsy shop, Tres Bien, has truly been taking off! I've received more support then I ever expected and I can't thank you enough for helping to make Tres Bien such a big success. I love having an artsy "outlet," especially one that helps pay for Mommy's little shopping addiction. :) So a big thank you to anyone who has "liked" the shop, referred a friend, bought some cute little onesies or tees, or just sent some love my way! I really appreciate it! 

Tres Bien

So, anyhoo, that's what I've been up to! I promise it won't be a month before I post again! Even though, I haven't been writing, I've kept track of all the things I've thought about blogging, so get ready-- I've got some fun posts coming! 

Hope ya'll are having a GREAT Summer!

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