Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sometimes I just really miss home.

Ok, so let me just say for the most part, I really dig SA. And generally I'm pretty happy here in the Lone Star state, I really am. But right about now when the weather's hot, the sun is super bright, and there's not a drop of salt water in sight---- I start aching for my hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida. I'm a beach girl to my core and spending more time in cowboy boots than swimsuits just hasn't become old hat yet.... This girl needs a saltwater breeze and a boat drink! 

The problem is... every time we go home, we're so consumed with whatever event we're going home for--- a holiday, a baby shower, a wedding, etc. that we never get to just chill and do any of the things I miss so terribly about my little piece of heaven. Usually we're at this house, then this house, then saying "hi" to these people etc. It's a whirlwind, we're in, we're out and then before you know it's time to go!

 I haven't been to the beach in almost two years or on a boat since we moved..... THAT'S A LONG TIME!!!!!! I'm grateful that we've got a beach trip to look forward to this August in Gulf Shores, Alabama, but I sure wish we could sneak into the Burg for a little R&R. Grrr! But for now, I guess I'll settle for our little Community Pool; even though we're not "supposed" to bring cocktails, maybe I can slip a little mojito in my Tervis and pretend I'm at the Sand bar..... :)

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