Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Smoothie Time!

I posted a picture a few days ago on FB of the newest addition to my family smoothie regiment and some of you lovely ladies requested a smoothie post, so here goes..... Keep in mind, I am NO expert. In fact any "healthy" information I learn usually comes from one of my super healthy, in the know mom friends OR my sister in law who is BIG into nutrition. Usually they tell me things they've bought into and then I go and do some more research to decide if I'm going to jump on the bus or not. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't....  but here are a few things that I find beneficial to sneak into our smoothies especially since my son basically only consistently eats broccoli for a vegetable, I have to find other ways to get this boy his vitamins. Plus, truth be told, my husband could honestly take or leave a veggie, he's a meat and potato kind a guy. So smoothies are essential in keeping my family heathy! So here goes.... as far as sneaky ingredients, here are the basics----

1. Chia Seeds- from what I've read these little suckers are ridiculously nutritious. Packed full of nutrients and antioxidants and even better? they can be digested whole (unlike a flaxseed). They also help to fill you up. So,  while the smoothie is a "snack" for my kiddo, it's my breakfast and keeps me full until lunchtime. TIP- do not use more than a tablespoon of them in your smoothie or the consistency will get a little gooey. 

2. Flaxseed- contains a boat load of omega-3 essential fatty acids, often found in fish. Since we now live in TX, we don't eat seafood nearly as much as we did when we lived in Florida, so an extra boost of this? Why not? TIP- You've got to buy the "cold milled" otherwise the seed isn't broken down and your body will not be able to break down the nutrients (meaning it's of no use to you at all).

3. Blue Agave- this naturally sweetens up your smoothie, which for a picky toddler, works wonders. I alternate between this and Raw Local Honey. I tend to use more Raw Local Honey during allergy season bc it really seems to help reduce the sneezing and itchy eyes. Seriously! TIP- Agave goes a long way! You don't need nearly as much agave as you would honey. 

4.) Coconut Oil- I could go on and on about this. My friend Debbie is in love with this stuff and I learned quite a bit about this on our beach trip, if your friends with me on FB, you saw we dubbed it the "Eighth Winder of the World," because it's THAT good. There's a great article about the health benefits of coconut oil, here. TIP- The hotter the temp in your house the "soupier," more "oil-like" it gets. Which will dictate how much you use in your smoothie. When we were at the beach, the temp in the house must have been cooler bc it was sort of the texture of yogurt, but in my house in TX, it's very similar to oil. 

Alright enough about the vitamins, supplements, and oils, now on to the good stuff.... My basic smoothie ingredients are kale/spinach (one every other day), strawberries (the whole deal, stem included) , a whole banana, greek yogurt, and frozen blueberries. I usually always buy frozen blueberries bc its typically a better buy. you can get a huge bag of organic blueberries at Costco for 12 bucks! The bag pictured is only half full, so, in my opinion, that's a pretty good buy. Everything else is fresh.

What you don't see pictured are my "cast offs," which are any veggies or fruit that look like their going to turn before we get around to eating them,  so I'll just toss whatever in the smoothie. This could be a carrot, some leftover broccoli, a pear, a red apple (tried a green one and it didn't really jive well). etc. I haven't met a veggie or a fruit that I haven't liked in a smoothie, so I saw try whatever you've got! But there's my "go to" smoothie recipe. I'll give you an estimate of measurements below but keep in mind I make my batch for three people and honestly it's more of an eyeball thing, but this morning I tried to be more aware of how much of what I was putting in the blender, so here goes.....

1 Tbs. Chia Seeds
1Tbs. Flaxseed
1Tbs Agave
1 heaping Tbs. of Coconut Oil (if it's the consistency of yogurt) or if it's runny just fo 2 Tbs.
1 C. Greek Yogurt
3/4C Blueberries
3-4 Strawberries
1 Banana
2 Large handfuls of either Kale or Spinach
1 Cast off
1 12 oz. cup of water
1 12 oz. cup of ice


Friday, September 6, 2013

Ok, ok, I cannot wait.....

So remember when I posted earlier this week about the "piece," Dada was still working on for Miss Marcelle's room, the one waiting to be hung above her rocker? 

Well, my plan was to wait until we had it professionally framed and hung to show you, but I just CAN'T WAIT! It's too cute and too sweet not to share, right now! He finished it a few weeks ago, we've just been taking our sweet time to have it pressed and framed. 

Tyler cross stitched this adorable sketch of a little girl. You probably can't make it out but on the bottom beneath the frog it says, "Love Dad '13." I die.... This is seriously too cute for words and something Marcelle will have from her Dad for the rest of her life. Such a keepsake. Even more swoon worthy? All Tyler's idea. The Deneault men all know how to cross stitch, something they learned as children. Tyler hadn't done it in years, but when we found out we were having a sweet baby girl, he asked if I thought it was something she'd like and if I'd hang it in the nursery. Um.... duh. 

Seriously, it's true what they say, watching your husband love on your kids, makes you love 'em even more. He's a keeper, a definite keeper. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

If You Make One More Summer Salad......

It should be this one....

Grilled Ginger Sesame Chicken Salad

yum. yum. yum 

You can find the recipe here. Super simple, super yummy, and super filling. 

your welcome. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Marcelle's Nursery Reveal

Welcome to Miss Marcelle's nursery.... 
Someone once told me, "If your going to go girly..... go GIRLY....."
Well, I took their advice to heart, what do you think?

When I found out I was having a girl, like most women, my heart skipped a beat. Not bc I love sweet Marcelle anymore than my wild man Ford but bc I think, like Dad's feel about their son's, it gave me the opportunity to love on a "mini me," to share in all things "girly," and to have a little human that I knew a thing or two about. And ladies, let's face it! To have a girl, is like getting to play dress up everyday! Who doesn't like dressing a sweet baby girl?

That said, once I knew I was having a baby girl, my wheels started spinning over her nursery. I didn't want something that looked like it came out of PBK, but I also didn't want something that looked like an homage to interior design. I wanted her nursery to be unique, fun, young, and playful, like I hope she'll be one day.

Her room is a complete mish mash of old and new, hand me downs, gifts, keep sakes, and trinkets given to her by some completely AMAZING women. Everything in it has a special meaning that as she grows I hope she'll appreciate even more.

1.)The blanket resting on the back of her rocker was her sweet Meme's as a baby. Such a keepsake.
2.)The ballerina bunny was from her adopted Grandmother Paula, one of the strongest women I know.
3) The silver cup, rattle, and brush were gifts given to me when I was a baby by various family.
4.) The Madame Alexandra doll was a gift to me, from Tyler's Mom (Marcelle's Nani) bc she knows my affinity for antique Madame Alexandra Dolls, something I hope to pass on to Little Bug.
5.) The painting hanging above Marcelle's crib! Ahhh!!! Cannot say enough about this painting. It was a labor of love made by a woman I grew up hoping to be like, the woman I babysat for as a kid. She's amazing and EXTREMLY talented, I love, love, love it!
6.) The adorable doll in Marcelle's crib (her FIRST doll, believe it or not!) From none other than my best friend Brooke's Mom. Who in my opinion is a world class Mother, who raised two extremely ambitious, go get 'em daughters. Marcelle could only be so lucky.

And in case you were wondering here's where you can pick up some of my other finds.....

1.) Large wooden monogram, A League of Letters
2.) Crib sheet and Changing pad sheet, Soren by Angelique
3.) Marcelle Pillow on rocker, Ted and Lucy
4.) Bunting above changing table, FawSewLa Stitches
5.) Chandelier, Overstock
6.) Bumper and Crib Skirt, PBK

I still have a few things to do in here, but it's more or less complete. I'm still waiting on one piece of art for above Marcelle's rocker; a handmade piece that her Dada's been working on for her. I cannot wait to hang it and of course show you, it is the sweetest thing..... ever.

So anyways, thanks for stopping by. I know how much I liked looking at other people's nurseries for ideas when I was planning for both my kiddos; so hopefully these pics may inspire a few of you!

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