Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Marcelle's Nursery Reveal

Welcome to Miss Marcelle's nursery.... 
Someone once told me, "If your going to go girly..... go GIRLY....."
Well, I took their advice to heart, what do you think?

When I found out I was having a girl, like most women, my heart skipped a beat. Not bc I love sweet Marcelle anymore than my wild man Ford but bc I think, like Dad's feel about their son's, it gave me the opportunity to love on a "mini me," to share in all things "girly," and to have a little human that I knew a thing or two about. And ladies, let's face it! To have a girl, is like getting to play dress up everyday! Who doesn't like dressing a sweet baby girl?

That said, once I knew I was having a baby girl, my wheels started spinning over her nursery. I didn't want something that looked like it came out of PBK, but I also didn't want something that looked like an homage to interior design. I wanted her nursery to be unique, fun, young, and playful, like I hope she'll be one day.

Her room is a complete mish mash of old and new, hand me downs, gifts, keep sakes, and trinkets given to her by some completely AMAZING women. Everything in it has a special meaning that as she grows I hope she'll appreciate even more.

1.)The blanket resting on the back of her rocker was her sweet Meme's as a baby. Such a keepsake.
2.)The ballerina bunny was from her adopted Grandmother Paula, one of the strongest women I know.
3) The silver cup, rattle, and brush were gifts given to me when I was a baby by various family.
4.) The Madame Alexandra doll was a gift to me, from Tyler's Mom (Marcelle's Nani) bc she knows my affinity for antique Madame Alexandra Dolls, something I hope to pass on to Little Bug.
5.) The painting hanging above Marcelle's crib! Ahhh!!! Cannot say enough about this painting. It was a labor of love made by a woman I grew up hoping to be like, the woman I babysat for as a kid. She's amazing and EXTREMLY talented, I love, love, love it!
6.) The adorable doll in Marcelle's crib (her FIRST doll, believe it or not!) From none other than my best friend Brooke's Mom. Who in my opinion is a world class Mother, who raised two extremely ambitious, go get 'em daughters. Marcelle could only be so lucky.

And in case you were wondering here's where you can pick up some of my other finds.....

1.) Large wooden monogram, A League of Letters
2.) Crib sheet and Changing pad sheet, Soren by Angelique
3.) Marcelle Pillow on rocker, Ted and Lucy
4.) Bunting above changing table, FawSewLa Stitches
5.) Chandelier, Overstock
6.) Bumper and Crib Skirt, PBK

I still have a few things to do in here, but it's more or less complete. I'm still waiting on one piece of art for above Marcelle's rocker; a handmade piece that her Dada's been working on for her. I cannot wait to hang it and of course show you, it is the sweetest thing..... ever.

So anyways, thanks for stopping by. I know how much I liked looking at other people's nurseries for ideas when I was planning for both my kiddos; so hopefully these pics may inspire a few of you!

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