Friday, August 30, 2013

I love a good schedule.....

Let's just say the last two weeks of August have had me all over the place. Schedule? What schedule? Like most Mom's I'm sure, come August I start itching for a routine, for some order.... a schedule!!!

And it's not just the "back to school routine" I love. I love the fact that we have three holidays slammed back to back, it keeps me in motion, keeps me planning; planning keeps this Mama happy! It's because we're so busy that it gets me itching to organize. Organize our weekly meals, organize our bags, organize our days, organize our lives. It just feels.... good.

 Hubs will be smirking as he reads this post and thinking, "Oh your sooooooo not type A." (sarcastically of course). 

That said, what better way to stay organized than with the PERFECT agenda? Now ladies, let's be clear I am NOT tech savvy. I own an iPhone and I couldn't even begin to tell you all the nifty things I'm sure it can do. I am just not that girl. Call me old fashioned but I LOVE writing stuff down. So at this stage in my life, I think it's safe to call myself an agenda connoisseur of sorts----I've used them all. To list just a few,  I've tried the basic MEAD organizer, the Lilly Pulitzer organizer, the Erin Condren organizer, the Momagenda, etc. While some were better than others, I never found one that covered it all. They were either too big and bulky, the layout didn't work for me, it didn't have something I wanted, etc. etc. Until now.... 

This year I bought myself a May Book. Have you heard of these nifty little babies? 

Let me count the ways I love this thing..... 

1.) It's small and skinny enough to fit inside my purse. 
2.) It's bound like a book so there's no chance of thing's getting caught in a spiral binding!
  (this is important as I tend to plunk jewelry in my purse to throw on when I'm not carrying a "grabby" baby!)
3. You can design your own AND monogram it! 
4.) The pages contain a monthly calendar and weekly pages, large enough to fit everything
5. The pages make Saturday and Sunday just as big as the week days
(which is nice when your weekends are filled with kiddie parties, dinner dates, barbecues etc.) 
6.) Starting at $15, you cannot beat the cost or the quality! 

So any who, I thought I'd share this little lovely with you as it has quickly become my favorite agenda to date! Check them out! So fun! 

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