Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Par-TAY in Marcelle's crib, 4AM!

So, let me first start out by saying I am a huge advocate and fan of "Babywise." It worked like a charm with my first. Ford was sleeping twelve hours a night by the time he was two months old. Naps were a litttttttle trickier but eventually, we got him hooked on two consistent naps a day, one cat nap in the AM  and a longer siesta in the afternoon. He was the perfect Babywise kid and I was one happy, well-rested Mama.

Fast forward to my little bug Marcelle and well, this Babywise thing just isn't working out..... First, could someone please explain to me HOW your supposed to do the Babywise method when you've got a thirty pound ball of energy running a muck in your house demanding your attention 24/7? I mean seriously?!? I have to admit, this time around we've been less than structured and well it shows. Right now the bug generally takes one long three/four hour nap smack dab in the middle of the day, in her swing (worst mother ever), then goes down for the night around 630/7PM, waking again at midnight(ish) and then again at 4AM!!!! And the worst part?!?!? Sometimes when she wakes up at 4AM, she is wide awake and READY to par-TAY! You know what this creates????? Two EXTREMELY grumpy parents! Argh....

She's taking in about 6 ounces of formula in one sitting about every four hours so I'm pretty sure my little piggy isn't hungry. And we definitely have a night time routine down pat. Argh. Is she ready for solids? Am I putting her down too early (she is whiney and fussy starting at about 6PM every night) or is this just typical for a poor ole' second child who sometimes isn't given as much "structure" as the first?

I mean, I love the little stinker, she's a cutie isn't she?

BUT this Mama (hah and Dada!) need their sleep. 

I can't F-U-N-C-T-I-O-N!!!!! So all you parents of two, three, and four (gulp!) help this Mama out- ALL suggestions welcome! 

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