Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Giddy with little girl excitement!

Ok, I feel like I'm seventeen again. Did you see Britney on GMA this morning? I've been counting down the days! Her premiere this morning on GMA is equivalent to a man's Super Bowl count down...... I was brimming with anticipation. No lie, I may or may not have put my coffee down, climbed off the couch and started dancing to her remix of hits..... I die..... LOVE HER!!!!

Britney's career pretty much started when I hit Tenth Grade and like many of you I'm sure you rocked out to her through many of your milestone moments. I remember driving by myself for the first time and rocking out to Hit Me Baby One More Time, I remember getting ready for prom and applying make up while belting out Crazy, I remember nursing the sadness of my first heartbreak to Everytime and then healing with songs like Stronger and Toxic. And of course songs like Me Against the Music and Outrageous take me back to my college days driving to and from Gainesville with my roomie in her Jetta to visit our friends and have a weekend out of Tally.

And then fast forward----she went nuts----- and I've been waiting, waiting, and waiting for her to recover and FINALLY she's back!!!! Not only is she back, she's doing a concert with Enrique this summer!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! I giddily told my husband this morning that no matter what I HAD to go to her concert even if I had to go all by myself, he looked at me like I had gone bananas and mockingly said, "What are you a teenager?"

And I thought, THIS morning, I am. I love her :)

Do ya'll have pop cultue icons or music that can just take you back, Or am I the only weirdo????


  1. Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. I am loving your blog, very cute. And I must say I am Brit fan too! Might have to go to Target on my lunch break today and pick up her new CD :)

  2. Love, I couldn't agree more. Dying over the CD. And I can't wait to get home and see her GMA performance. Saw a bit online, but I'm waiting. Another great post love. Swing by and check out what happened while I was shopping in Beverly Hills the other day and see Lauren Conrad's unaired promo to the show MTV decided not to pick up.

    Follow on twitter for updates on the adventures of an LA stylist.

  3. I love this!! So funny! I am a little bit older so therefore I missed the Brittney phase but you know I love Van Halen, Reo Speedwagon, journey, and most of all AIR SUPPLY :-) I totally have the same feelings and would move mountains to go and see any of them even now :-)
    Love you!!


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