Thursday, April 7, 2011

Here comes the bride......

One of my oldest and best friends is getting married! She got engaged on Sunday and I am ecstatic! 

Katie and I have been friends since we were 15 years old. You can imagine the dirt we've got on eachother :) Not only have we been friends, but we've been such good friends that I honestly cannot recall a time where we've ever "not talked" because of a fight or an argument. We've grown together, which I consider to be a huge accomplishment considering how many people come in and out of our lives and people that you "thought" you'd be friends with forever, have gone by the wayside. 

Katie and I have seen each other through some of the best of times and some of the worst of times. Her family is like my family and ditto goes for her! My Mom refers to Katie as her "other daughter!" She gets me better than most and loves me just the same. We couldn't be more opposite and yet together, we make the perfect pair! She's the closest thing I have to a sister, other than my real sister, of course! 

I am so excited for her. She is marrying a WONDERFUL guy and I am so excited to be able to watch her go through this special time in her life! She's going to be a beautiful bride and Pete is one lucky guy, If I do say so myself. :) 

Pete, one piece of advice, even if she says she's not hungry at a restaurant-- order this girl a meal, otherwise SHE WILL EAT YOURS, ALL OF YOURS..... just saying..... :)

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  1. I wish pete read your blogs because that is some GOOD advice!! (; Thanks crispy, I love you so much! xoxoxoxo!


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