Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday!

Well, I FINALLY ordered my birth announcements! Yikes, am I behind! So hopefully they'll get here soon and I'll be able to get those in the mail asap! Now I understand why Moms suggest you address all your envelopes beforehand! Life just seems to fly by these days.

Taking newborn photos was definitely an experience. They tell you to get them taken between birth and ten days old so you can capture them while they are asleep etc. Well, that just wasn't in the cards for us. First, Ford was in the NICU up till day seven and then when we tried to take them on day ten Ford decided that he absolutely did not want to sleep. We managed to shoot a few but ultimately ended up rescheduling for the following week. Well, at that point, God had other plans because the heavens unleashed that day, dropping TONS of rain and hail.... not quiet the environment you want in your pictures. So finally, when we were able to do our reshoot the following week our wonderful photographer was able to capture Ford at his cutest! Yay! I won't share all of them as I want the birth announcement photos to be a surprise but here are two that I just absolutely LOVE! 

Ford's not making the cutest face while he's wearing the monkey suit BUT I love the little outfit! The second picture is my absolute favorite because of the face he's making, totally captures his little attitude :)

Happy Friday! 


  1. Oh my goodness these are seriously precious!

  2. What a sweet baby! I didn't even get my new born pics of P taken utill she was one month... then announcements did not go out until almost 2 months old! So don't feel bad : )


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