Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So, about Bermuda......

Wow! What a trip and WOW did we need it! I promise to fill you in on Ford's big adventure at the Grandparents next post, but first things first..... the vacation.

You know you have a newborn when your more excited for a good night sleep than a beautiful island. At least when you first get there :) But after Tyler and I caught up on our z's we were ready to have some fun! The first day we hung out at the beach and drank a plethora of adult beverages..... oh yummy summer cocktails how I have missed you :) Then we rented mopeds with another couple and galavanted all over the island for the next couple days, so fun!

After Bermuda we took a long weekend in New York City, which was so fun! I got to see three of my girlfriends from college (Rachael send me pics!!!), which was so great and so fun! Lucky girls are living it up in the big city! Then Tyler and I had dinner at some yummy restaurants, took a dinner cruise, saw Spider Man on Broadway, and just meandered around the City taking it all in. 

Just what the Doctor ordered :) 


  1. looks like so much fun! i'm actually going on a cruise to bermuda in august out of charleston! we'll be docked in bermuda for two days so you'll have to let me know what to do/see!


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