Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

Tyler and I had a super weekend. It was nice to put all that's going on aside and just have a weekend that focused on us. No baby, no moving, no selling our home- just us.

Friday night we headed over to the Southlake Deneault's house and hung out with the family. Tyler's Mom was in town visiting so it was great to get to visit and catch up with her! Tyler made his world famous twice baked potatoes. This time he variated a little bit though, after some advice from my Dad, and added sautéed portabello mushrooms and onions to the taters. I'll tell you what-- they were already amazing, but these extra ingredients push them OVER the top! Of course in true Crispin fashion, I neglected to take a picture. (Hopefully, I get better at this when Baby comes!)

On Saturday, Tyler and I woke up and took Tana for a very long walk! The weather was finally cooperating ( it was GORGEOUS!) so we wanted to take advantage. Here's a pic of me..... as always in an attempt to always be completely honest.... This is me WEARING TYLER'S WORK OUT CLOTHES!!!!! ARGH.... I'm so at that uncomfortable, maternity clothes are starting not to fit, AGHHHH " get this baby out of me" stage..... (Brooke and Ashley STOP laughing! you'll be there soon enough :))

 Then T and I took an introductory camera class all afternoon. As you may or may not remember, T got me a spiffy Nikon D5000 for Christmas. It's the coolest camera. Or at least it will be, once I learn how to use it :) The class was really helpful and T and I learned a lot! I'm glad T took it with me though bc he was able to pick up much more quickly what the teacher was saying. There were a lot of technical terms which made me kinda scratch my head and say "huh?" But all and all- VERY helpful!

Saturday night was our "Date Night." T and I headed to Central Market and picked up all the ingredients for some yummy pizza. I gotta say, we outdid ourselves....

After dinner, because we obviously weren't glutinous enough, Tyler and I took a drive to get some ice cream. YUM! Have you ever had a hand-dipped cone from DQ..... This was my first experience and I gotta say- IT'S DELISH!!!!! Good thing it's about 3 blocks away from m house. I've gotta feeling I'll be stopping by there again sometime this week :)

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! This week we're super busy in the Deneault household. I am packing up and getting organized! That's right, the Deneault's are moving to San Antonio this coming Monday! Lots to do, lots to do! No, we did not find a house. We are Corporate Apartment bound.... ARGH.... that said.... I'm sure this only means I will have LOTS of fun stories to share during the next few weeks! 


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