Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weird things my husband does......

So, this week, I'm cleaning, getting organized and deciding what we're taking to corporate housing and what we're not. The good news is T's company does a really good job of "moving" you when all goes according to plan. Unfortunately, since we haven't sold our house yet, there's no need to technically move all of our stuff since decorated homes tend to sell more quickly. That said,T and I are on our own for the first move. Which basically means stuffing all our clothes, food, and baby Ford's essentials into our cars this Sunday! Fun! That said, I'm trying to organize and get prepared to add some sanity to the impending chaos :)

So, with that background in mind, I'm going through our pantry and come across this little baggy:

What you can't see is behind this, there's one filled with soy sauce, and then another filled with ketchup and mustard.... Wow.... my husband may have an issue. So I did what any good wife would do, I of course call him out on this weirdness and take the opportunity to tease the hubs justttttttt a bit :) Here's how the conversation ensues....

Me: Hey Connie, do you mind if I pitch your stash of sauces??
Tyler: Why are you calling me my Dad?
Me: Well to be fair I'm not sure if I should call you your Dad or Meme? But since I never met your Meme I'm going with Connie.
Tyler: Why?
Me: Um.... why do we need a gazillion little packets of sauces
Tyler: Well, I mean you never know. Don't throw those out! We can USE those!
Me: Tyler we have a bottle of hot sauce, soy sauce, ketch up, AND mustard.....
Tyler: Don't throw those out they're perfectly good! I'll use them! (says in angry, desperate, fearful that I may pitch them while he's gone voice)

Wow..... if I wasn't sure before, I am completely convinced Tyler is his father or at least a TRUE Deneault. Let me put it this way, last time Tyler's Dad was in town he not only "ganked" enough extra Target plastic bags to sink a ship, he relished in all the ways we could use said bags. And although I never had the pleasure of meeting his Mother (Tyler's Meme), I'm told (via my husband) she was known to clean out a sugar packet bowl on a restaurant table. Well folks rest assured, if you are EVER in need of sauce packets, plastic bags, sugar packets or hotel take-aways--- my husband is your man. :)

Love you honey! 

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  1. Chris is just like this! You should have seen the things I had to pry out of his hands when I "de-cluttered" his house last year before we put it on the market! Good luck with that!


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