Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 Weeks to go and a few truths about pregnancy.....

Wow, it's hard to believe that in 10 short weeks Tyler and I are going to be parents to a sweet baby boy. It's simply nutty to think that this time last year we weren't even thinking baby... (Well truth be told I was, I was drooling baby, but hubby was stilllllllll a bit apprehensive). Fast forward to a year later and gosh, we're in the home stretch! Yikes, how life changes!

I've learned quite a bit over the last seven months and things I never thought I'd do as a preggo, I've completely succumbed to and now gladly accept. A few examples of this include:

1.) Wearing yoga pants & sneakers like it's going out of style! I used to see these preggos out and about and used to think, " Geez, when I'm preggo, I'm going to dress so cute!" Well, yah, that lasted for about 4 seconds. The truth is, as your belly bulges, you realllllly want as little constricting you as possible... Yoga pants rock.... I retract all my ill thoughts that I had towards the poor preggos I saw before joining the club. I was wrong.

2. Becoming a couch potato/ hermit. I also thought I'd continue to be as active as I'd always been. Running around, making lists, crossing things off etc. Yah, not so much. Let's just say my couch has a permanent indent where I've spent most of my days. And as far as going out.... Not to sound like an alcoholic, but it's not as much fun when you can't partake in the festivities. Plus, have you ever been sober around a bunch a drunk people? Gives you a whole new perspective, that's for sure :).

3. Eating ridiculously healthy! So, yah I DO eat extremely healthfully. I follow all the preggo rules. I buy mostly all organic. I eat all my veggies and drink three glasses of milk a day. I make sure to eat everything I'm supposed to, to give my baby all he needs to grow etc. HOWEVER..... I've also indulged in a lot of cravings. And while most women have told me they were grossed out by fast food when they were preggo- I have been a fast food junkie!!!!!! Let's just say pregnant, I've eaten more quarter pounders then I ever have before..... weird. Hopefully Ford does not come out screaming "Mc-y-D's Please!"

4. There are a few more that I could share, however; even thinking about them makes me blush. So let me just put it this way.... I thought I would maintain my girlish mystery...... Let's just say hubby now  knows way more about my personal habits thenI EVER thought I'd be comfortable enough sharing.... Thank goodness I've got such an understanding husband :) Femininity goes OUT the window when your pregnant..... seriously..... kiss your bashfulness goodbye!

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