Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A blog award!

Thanks Miranda for my very first blog award! So exciting! So now, in order to be a good blogger, I've got to divulge 7 random facts AND pass it on, so..... here goes...... (hope I made these somewhat interesting!)

1. I have an intense celebrity crush-

I love the way she dresses, classic and simple (seriously I want every outfit she's ever worn!). I love the way she carries herself in public, so polite and yet so personable. And I love the way she just seems to NOT take herself too seriously. Love!  

2. My favorite thing to do in the whole world is go boating in the summer. Not to fish, not to water ski, but to find an awesome mudflat in the middle of the ocean and park it. Also included- good friends, good food, and Christen Crum's Sangria.... Ideally I'd choose her "Painkiller" cocktail, but that probably wouldn't hold up on a boat. 

3. I am one of the weird people that liked high school more than college. Don't get me wrong I had my fair share of fun in college (Go Noles!) but personally I struggled, stumbled, and fell flat on my face far too many times; high school was just so much simpler and honest for me. I lost my true self in college and it took a long time to for me to re-find "her." 

4. I am slightly jealous of Kate Middleton! (Weird, right?) Blame it on my Mom, but I remember as a little girl realizing that Prince William was my age and just thinking he was too cute for words (Remember Tiger Beat!) and my Mom saying "You know, if you married him, you could be a Queen bc of our lineage...." Well, that just started all kinds of day-dreaming..... darn you Kate Middleton.... jk. 

5. Speaking of Princes..... (this will make you laugh and  ensure tons of teasing from the "Garrett's"). I think my husband looks like a Prince right out of a Disney classic. I tell him this constantly. (He is reading this now, DYING that I put this out in the open, LOVE YOU honey!!!!)

6. I really want to adopt---- eventually! I am very lucky and (obviously) can bare children. However, ever since I worked in an orphanage in Brazil, seven summers ago, I've wanted to adopt a less-fortunate child from a second or third world country. In fact, before even marrying Tyler- I put this on the table, luckily he agreed :). However, Tyler and I have gone from wanting three children to two, so after Ford's arrival, we'll have a lot of big decisions to make! 

7. Lilly Pulitzer is my absolute favorite clothing designer and in fact, I've gotta admit that although I am brimming with excitement for my sweet baby boy, I am BUMMED Lilly doesn't make a little boy's clothing line. Tyler however is breathing a HUGE sigh of relief.......

And those are my 7 Random Facts! I am now awarding and sharing the love with my dear, dear, dear " real-life friend .dear.jenny

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. You're welcome for the award - I do love your blog and just like you think that Jen Aniston dresses amazing!

  2. Oh u can bet my Garrett will know! LMAO! And he was mad that I said he reminded me of carey grant!
    oh and u r not following my blog sad I quit writing ;)

  3. OH BOY! first off, thank you crispy. i just learned SO much! #7...okay i could have guessed. #6 warmed me heart when i learned this. #5...WOW he does!!! ok got to work on mine.


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