Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brain Dump Thursday!

1. Tyler made me an amazing Valentine's Dinner Tuesday night. I may, or may not have eaten the leftovers off the bone for lunch.... Seriously people, I couldn't inhale fast enough....I heart lamb chops.

2.I am co-hosting a baby shower for one of my girlfriends back home in March. I had every intention of hand addressing the Baby Shower invitations BUT it takes me forever and since it's right around the corner and I just figured out how to download cool fonts, I caved. They still turned out super cute but I feel like a cheat.

3. For Valentines Day, Tyler surprised me and got a babysitter all day Saturday so we could go to Fredericksburg and hang out (for those of you that don't live in TX- that's Texas Wine Country!); unfortunately the rain chance is 40%, so we're probably going to reschedule. Secretly (hah, or not so secretly) I'm kind of relieved. Although I'm "jonesing" to check this place out, I'm REALLY ready for a-- do absolutely nothing kinda weekend. We've been slammed lately!

4. Tyler's going out of town next week and I'm thinking of hosting a Crafts and Cocktails get together for some of my lady friends, let's see if I can get organized enough..... Here's to hoping.....

5.  I ran three miles yesterday morning and NEVER stopped. I know for all you marathoners out there, thats like nothing, but for me, that's HUGE! Here's the nerdy part.... after that, I walked to the ladies locker room with a little extra pep to my step... I felt buff :).

6. It only took nine and a half months, but I finally swiped my car mirror on the side of the garage. All my neighbors told me it would happen (we all have realllllly narrow garages).... and it finally did, ARGH!

7. Sign up for my first choice of school's for Ford is next week--it's a MDO/Pre-school at a local Church. Starting in September, Ford will go two days a week for a few hours. That is, if I can get him in! Being an only child AND a boy I think it's important to provide him with some time to socialize with a large group of kiddos! But geesh,  people in TX are crazy about their MDO/Pre-school programs, supposedly they camp out to claim a coveted spot in this program.....

8. Speaking of Ford, he's like five seconds away from walking... This Mama is SO not ready! Any last minute tips??? Also, outdoor activities--- besides a swing, any other suggestions for cool outdoor toys for a ten month old? I want to get this creeper outside more!

Have a great Thursday, thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Colby loves the swing and we recently got him one of those cozy coupe cars. Ford might be a bit young for that though. What about a small ladder wtih a slide? Like the plasticy bulky ones?

    Cute post and Texas Wine Country sounds amazing!

  2. keep it simple, and he'll play with rocks. grass. acorns. leaves.
    a bucket or tub of water goes a long way too.
    when he gets a bit older,
    throw in kitchen tools. liquid soap. and bath toys for extra fun.
    (that is what all of those spatulas and wisks are for right?)


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