Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ford is nine months......

Hah, yah, so for those of you that follow this blog, you might be thinking..... what the heck happened to eight months? Well, this crazy Mama flat out forgot all about it! Oops! I guess I'll have to photoshop an eight month sticker into a picture for his Baby Book- argh.....darn it!

That said, we've had a very busy month eight and nine! I know I say this every post, but I just can't flipping believe how FAST it goes by!  I just met a friend who is due on April 19th of this year (Ford's due date!) and well, it just puts everything into perspective.... It really does fly.

That said, Ford, you have been a busy bee, these past two months!  You are now wearing eighteen month clothing- holy smokes! You are in the 90th percentile for weight (24 lbs!) and you are off the charts in height, coming in at 31 inches! Something tells me your going to be tall like your Daddy!

You crawl like a mad man, your sooooo fast! If Mommy turns her head for one second, chances are your playing in Tana's water dish-- that's your absolute favorite thing to do! You know your not supposed to and the second I turn the corner you die laughing bc you know you've been caught....such a rascal!

You are so close to walking. You can walk along the edge of the couch and coffee table and teeter back and fourth from each piece of furniture. You'll even reach out and grab my hand, using only that for support. Holy smokes, seriously--- I am NOT ready for you to walk!!!

You've got three teeth (your two bottom front and one top front) and two more on the way! You've just started eating little pieces of food. I am so proud that you try everything! And generally like everything! Your becoming so independent and growing increasingly weary of Mommy feeding you- you want to do it all by yourself. You look at me with your lips pursed and grunt when your aggravated. Once I give in and give you your own food to eat, you laugh and seem to say " See Mom, I can do it all by myself!" Tana absolutely loves when I do this bc you leave her little treats all over the ground.

Speaking of Tana, she's your best bud! Over the past two months you two have really become quite a pair. You've learned to throw and associate the yellow tennis ball with her. You can't throw very far, but gosh it's adorable to watch you try and play fetch with Tana, you scream in delight when she drops the ball in your lap.... I absolutely adore this.

Although you were saying Mamamama and Dadadadada at seven months, I don' think you really knew what or who that meant, but now you are very clear. When you want Mamama it's VERY clear! And when your Dadada comes home, you repeat it continuously!

And finally, your WAVING! You've got your hand turned around so that actually when you wave your waving to yourself, but it's still the cutest thing ever....

Little, you are absolutely positively the best thing that ever happened to Mommy and Daddy; what an adventure! We love watching you grow and CANNOT believe we've already started to talk about your  FIRST birthday...... yikes! What can we say except, mischievous little man you are the heart and soul of this little thing we call family :).


  1. how is he almost 1?! i need to come see him. can you all ship him to me?

  2. Can you please tell me where you got his adorable curtains?!!


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