Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome to the world of technology Crispin....

So, I'm not too tech savy.... in fact, true story, I just figured out last week that the iphone I've had for a little over three months now, has been on silent (hah, hence the reason, I never caught a phone call.... EVER...). So, that said, you may have already heard of these cool apps, but I just found them and just in case you hadn't, I had to share!!!

I'm in full "Get Healthy" mode around here and a trainer at my local gym recommended these fun apps to me; needles to say, I am obsessed.....

The first one is My Fitness Pal. It is awesome. It's a calorie/exercise tracker, but what I absolutely love is that I can use my barcode scanner to scan the item I'm eating and BAM it's magically in my phone! AWESOME! I can also add all the workouts I do, to gain more calories back... It's pretty much the coolest thing EVER and amazing how plugging these stats in everyday can be so motivating.... If I forget to finish a day or go over my suggested caloric intake for the day, a little sad face appears.... I hate that sad face! Also, you can find friends and work together to remember etc. Think Words with Friends only this is all about exercise - genius! If you want to play with me, let me know, I'd love to have some buddies!

Then the other little guy I've been digging is the Couch to 5k. It's an app that you can download to play over your music. So for instance it beeps in and says jog, walk briskly, walk etc. throughout your workout. It tracks your distance and your time. The workouts change daily- absolutely love it!!! You can also buddy up and track your friends! I'm beyond obsessed!

So, anywho, just thought I'd share these fun finds with ya'll! 
Hope your having a GREAT start to the week! 

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