Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dumb New Mom Question.....

So, Senor Ford has a cold.... again. I'm telling you folks, January has NOT been kind to us. It's kind of a tornado around the Deneault household lately. We're spinning in eight thousand directions, causing me to sometimes look at my significant other and say things like, "Who are you again?" It's utter chaos. To top things off I had my wisdom teeth out, then Ford got an ear infection/flu, then Tyler got sick, and now Ford has a cold- argh...... So where's the dumb Mom question you ask? Well here it is.... 

What am I supposed to do when my baby has a cold? Am I supposed to quarantine him completely until every little symptom is gone? I haven't gone to the gym once this week, I cancelled a play date, and almost missed a preschool preview this morning for fear that some scary Mom might give me the death glare (for those of you non-moms just you wait, Scary Moms are well.... scary..... and if I'm being honest, just down right awful). So I ask you, what's your take? Obviously if my child had a fever or was hacking out a lung etc. I would not bring him anywhere near another child (that's just rude!) But what about a runny nose on day three of a cold? What do ya'll think? Where do you draw the line?


  1. depends on the people you are going around.
    but runny noses are quite harmless and quite inevitable.
    (you are right, never a fever or when you are in the thick of the sick)

    know who of your friends is fine with a little snot.
    (likely the mom of three who's kids are in preschool).
    and who would be upset (stay at home mom of one little one).

    and always, give a quick text and see what she thinks.

    warm and well wishes. xoxo

  2. If he has a runny nose and no fever and acting pretty much well otherwise-I just act the same as normal. Kids can get up to 12 colds/year as they are working on their immune system so you can't quarantine him every time :) Keep him away from kids under one month old and anyone with a significantly depressed immune system but otherwise all our kids are going through the same thing.

  3. Ok,so are you from St. Pete?? Your name looks super familar.

    Your blog is very cute and your posts ring oh so true to new mamas.

    I am a new follower :)

  4. if there's no fever and the babe's acting like usual, then take em out.


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