Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I've been a busy bee.... sort of......

This whole wisdom teeth thing really slowed down my "New Year, New Me" kick off. Meaning, the plan to hit the gym hard kinda went by the wayside for now...... but I'm hoping I'll be off and running next week once my mouth feels a wee bit better, cross fingers! 

So, my plan during this down time was to sew, sew, sew- I have two projects I NEED to get done, one for a fellow blogger and one for a girlfriends' daughter BUT then my sewing machine literally ATE my first paying customer's hand made blanket!!!! AGH!!!! Who knew a machine could literally bring a grown woman to tears? Luckily the "customer" was VERY understanding but geesh every time I think about it, it kinda makes me want to cry. But that's a whole other story, the point is my sewing machine was on the fritz and had to be taken in to be fixed, so besides caring for my child, I needed to find something else to keep me busy! When AHA! I had an idea..... thank you Pinterest..... 

I cooked, and cooked, and cooked! I made........ 

Pioneer Woman's Lasagna 
Texas Chicken Bake 
Colorado White Chili
Breakfast Burritos

The best part..... I froze it all!!!! I am so excited! No more, "Hmmmm..... shoot, I didn't figure out dinner in time, gotta call the hubster to pick up take out." No sirrrree! The Deneault's have a full outdoor freezer full of pre-made meals! Hallelujah! 

So, I may have neglected working out the past two weeks, BUT when I finally start next week, at least I won't ruin a day of healthy eating and working out with a take out dinner! So that's a plus :) My favorite recipe hands down is Pioneer Woman's Lasagna, seriously amazing people! You can find it here


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