Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midweek Confessions....

Linking to E, Myself and I today to participate in her weekly Link Up Party- Midweek Confessions.....

So here are a few brutally honest "truths," floating around my head this week....

1. There are three bodies in my bed at night..... And by that I mean, I'm still sleeping with a maternity pillow. Is that bad? I just can't quit it! I love it! It's sooooo comfy and snuggly and it never complains that I'm too hot or that I'm smothering it. I figure it's a win, win.... right?

2. I've got the Victoria Secret Swim Catalogue on my nightstand because I feel like I'm too old to cut out a picture of a chick in a bikini and post it to my fridge for weight loss motivation..... Therefore, it's sitting on my nightstand, probably laughing at me.....

3. My child has started this whiney cry thing, it appears that it may be the beginning of a temper tantrum. He doesn't do it with his Dad, just me.... So today on our way home from Baby Boot Camp, I turned the radio up.... Yep, bad Mom over here.

4. I am having a really hard time learning to say "No." We've got so much going on and it's hard to pick and chose what I want to be involved in and what I don't. I need to learn to "date" new friends, new projects etc. before jumping in and adding something else to my to do list. If I'm being really honest, I'm kinda overwhelmed lately.

5. I'm kinda "Jones-ing" for some of my Florida friends to come and visit us! Hubby and I have made a gazillion trips back home but now we're absolutely dying for some of our friends to make a point to COME AND VISIT US....... just a very small, small, small hint people!!!!

So, those are my midweek confessions.
What about you? How are you fairing this week?

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  1. Great list! I haven't been pregnant for almost 2 years though we still have my maternity pillow in our bed. My husband sleeps with it!


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