Monday, January 9, 2012

Pinterest, you mock me.....

Ok, so let me start this post by saying.... I truly love Pinterest.  I use it to find recipes, I use it for party tricks and ideas, and of course use it for home inspiration. It's my newest addiction. And at times is extremely helpful.

HOWEVER...... is it me or can it be extremely OVERWHELMING!? Geeesh. Yesterday I realized that I've started to double pin. Meaning I'm repinning ideas that I'd already saved; which means my original pin is lost in a sea of 336 pins on my party board, never to be found again.... There's just got to be a better way.

I've also found that after scouring Pinterest and lusting over the beautiful rooms, homes, and decorating ideas; I've got Pin-envy. MAJOR Pin- envy. My poor husband coms home and I'm immediately a faucet of ideas, wants and needs- " I want to do this, and that, and redo this room, and oh by the way we neeeeeeed this" etc. etc. etc.  He kinda wants to kill me, no joke.

I start to walk around my beautiful house and am suddenly dissatisfied. I want to everything? What's up with that?  Seriously, no joke, Pinterest is kind of what I would imagine a drug addiction would be like... It's bad.

My husband likes to joke.... "Honey step away from the computer, put the computer down...."

So I ask all you Pinners out there.... Am I the only one? Or are you as addicted? Are you just as overwhelmed with the plethora of ideas suddenly at  your fingertips? How do you break it down so you don't lose your pins, or want to recreate your home every other day??? What's your strategy?

Suddenly Psycho Pinner


  1. Haha! You crack me up! I am also obsessed, and finally had to delete some of my pins. I only keep the ones that I am really fascinated by, and know I can't find them again via google search. Maybe we should start a blog feature about completing pins, since we may never get around to them otherwise?!

  2. I want to get on it but don't need one more thing. It would probably overwhelm me too

  3. I am completely addicted to Pinterest and it's only getting worse! :)


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