Friday, September 2, 2011

Nursery Tree Reveal!!!

There was this one wall in Ford's room that I absolutely could not figure out what to do with, finally with a little inspiration from The Giving Tree, I decided that my baby needed a tree in his room. So I chalked this baby out and got to work.....

Finally, about a month and a half later ( I'm a new Mom people!) I've finished it and if I do say so myself--- it looks pretty darn good! 

In this picture you can also see my homemade curtains (love!) and my cheapo homemade basket light (I still need to hide the wire in the corner- work in progress people!) This weekend we will hopefully finish the nursery with one more project that my buddy Miss Megan suggested. So hopefully by next week I will be ready to do the WHOLE nursery reveal :) 

Linking up with Remodelaholic for her Friday Remodelaholic Party, check out everyone else's cool ideas!


  1. Looks awesome! Who cares that it took a month and a half! It takes me longer to do things around my house and I don't even have a kid! :) Love the curtains, too!

  2. love it! you should submit to spearmintbaby


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