Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's a GIRL!

That's right folks, this Mama got her dream come true! To say I am thrilled, elated, excited, flabbergasted, etc. don't seem to cover the emotions, I'm feeling--- I'm just.... happy. I would've loved my child--- boy OR girl, but gosh to be blessed with one of EACH?! I just feel truly---- lucky. 

When the Nurse said, "It's a girl," I literally broke down and cried. Cried right there in front of the nurse, the hubs, and Ford. After the year I've had, I think God knew I needed this kind of news. I think he knew, I needed a little girl to love unconditionally, remind everyday how much she is loved and how special she truly is. I needed to be a mother to a little girl; needed it from the depths of my soul and the core of my heart. God granted this prayer and I just can't find the words to express how deeply thankful I am for his blessing. 

I walked out of that doctor's office, looked up at the sky and said a little thank you, not only to God, but to my Grandpa, who in my heart of hearts I believe must have put that little bird in God's ear. Or at least that's what I'm going to believe :). After all, Grandpa's do know best. 

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