Friday, November 16, 2012

Mommy Tricks!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good Mommy tip or trick every now and then! I love it when my girlfriends' tell me about something their doing differently with their kiddo(s) and it's WORKING! Bc let's face it, as cute as they can be they can also be stubborn little tyrants (hah! or at least mine can be!). So with that said, I'm not claiming these tips as "my own," per se, but no one told me these, so I thought I'd share them with you bc they really seem to be doing the trick lately!

1. Deli American cheese melted on veggies! Um, hello, I could put styrofoam under melted cheese and I think my kiddo would eat it. Homeboy loves some American Cheese. I buy frozen organic veggies at Costco- broccoli, Veggie medley, Cauliflower etc. When it's time for lunch/dinner I throw some in a bowl, dash of water, microwave for a minute, take out, strain, throw a slice of cheese on top, put back in the microwave for fifteen seconds, stir and WA-LA.... the kiddo eats ALL of his veggies! It's a miracle. Can't get this kid to eat a chicken nugget to save his life, but veggies--- we got that down!

2. Socks on the hands when I'm changing a poopy diaper! Who knew?! The " Squirmy Baby" commercial has NOTHING on my child when it comes to squirming on the changing table, to the point where I DREADED changing a poopy diaper, but recently when I occupy his hands with something he can't immediately chuck off the table, it works magic. Enter socks-- when you put one on each hand, they totally can't figure out what to do, they work diligently to get them off! While you do a quick change-er-roo, your child is completely side tracked. I'm telling you- easy peasy. Try it.

So, no ridiculously interesting blog post here my friends, but I thought for you Mommies, you might like to hear a few things that have been " working," in the Deneault household recently! What about you, got any great tricks worth sharing?!!?

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