Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby Number Two Finally Has a Name!

Marcelle Claire Deneault 

Well, the Christmas cards went out yesterday and with them, the declaration of our name choice for our sweet baby girl! Tyler and I have decided on Marcelle Claire. Marcel is Tyler's Dads' middle name-- following French protocol, we're going with the feminine version- Marcelle. And Claire is Tyler's Grandmother's middle name. I absolutely ADORE the two names together, they remind me of Mary Claire, which I deem as one of the most southern names, EVER. So don't be surprised if we (hahah, I ) stick with the double name, I just can't stop saying them together :) Absolutely love it. 

For those of you that know Tyler's Dad, Connie, I know, I know, I'm playing with fire by naming my sweet, innocent little babe after him. I've already relented that this child will be much like her brother-- one stubborn, strong-willed, adventurous kiddo, but with Connie's strong masculine points also come some very soft and wonderful points. I hope Marcelle is as kind as him and as good to strangers as he. I hope she is gregarious and confident like him. If she inherits any of these traits from her namesake, she will be one lucky kiddo and this Mama will be one very proud Mother. 

So that being said we are very excited to be welcoming sweet little Marcelle Claire this March and cannot wait to be a little family of FOUR!!

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