Friday, November 1, 2013

Five Years Ago….

Today Tyler and I are celebrating our five year wedding anniversary, wow, sometimes I just can't believe how fast time really goes. Wasn't I a bride like yesterday? Where the hell did these two children come from? Surely we are NOT OLD ENOUGH to have two children. I means seriously, I've never looked younger, I…cannot….possibly…..have…..two…..children……..eeek!

Our first five years could surely be classified under "roller coaster." After five years of four moves, three new jobs (his), three remodels,  loss of a pet, loss of loved ones, family explosions, two pregnancies. two babies, postpartum, etc. etc. etc. I think it's safe to say we've gone through more in five years that some go though in a lifetime. We never really had a "newlywed" year, we were sort of just thrown into the "thick" of it, but you know, looking back, I think it just made us that much stronger.

I spend a lot of time as a Mom of two itty bitties, feeling like I'm being pulled in five hundred directions, running around like a chicken with my head cut off----tired is an understatement. Most of the time when the hubs and I get a free second and we start to talk, inevitably I've got things to say or suggest like, "I wish you'd make the kids breakfast more, or, would you mind pitching in with bath time, and hey, since your going to be out of town all next week, would you mind taking the night shift a few times this week, etc" You might say, I tend to nag a little, ok, maybe alot (Yes honey, I am admitting this publicly). So in honor of our anniversary I'd like to not only admit that I nag my husband on occasion :), but I'd like to celebrate and recognize the top ten things that I admire and/or love the most about him as a spouse and as a Dad. So here we go…..

1. He can fix/build ANYTHING!!! Tim Taylor has nothing on Tyler Deneault. He puts up with all my grandiose ideas and lovingly fixes whatever needs fixing and makes whatever Pinterest project I'm eyeing that week. He is MR. HANDYMAN. (Hahah, I know Tyler is reading this right now and going, really honey, this is your number one, wow (let it be known these are not ranked in importance!))

2. He is the best Dada around. They say you start to love your husband more when you see him with your kids…. Wow. Isn't that the truth? I thought I loved my husband before kids, but watching him with Ford and Marcelle- well there's not a word in the English Dictionary that could properly explain how those feelings have grown. Parenthood changes everything. In a good way.

3. He makes the best chicken noodle soup, EVER. (of course this makes the list! It would be my last meal, it's THAT good.)

4. He brings me Advil when I really need it bc I'm too stubborn to take a pill and he knows I won't take one on my own, I'm weird like that. He just knows all of my weird, quirky, makes absolutely no sense, habits of mine, and he accepts them. (well, let's be honest he'll tease me tip hell freezes over about them, but still, he deals :)).

5. Every day Tyler makes me want to be a better person. Corny? Yes. True? ABSOLUTELY. He is just so darn good. And I'm serious people, I'd say this even if he wasn't my main squeeze. He is the MOST honest and good person I have ever met. If someone dropped a dollar, he would chase them for MILES to return it, he's just that kind of guy.

6. He's not the kind to hold a boom box over his head and declare his undying love for me, BUT he makes it crystal clear that I'm the peanut butter to his jelly. I don't worry about us, AT ALL, bc I know with all my heart and soul, that despite our ability to have some of the biggest knock down drag out fights, that once it's over, we'll still be together. He's my rock and I know he's not going anywhere. (and neither am I :))

7. This isn't really Tyler, but it's part of what he brings to the table :)---- His Family--- they're a crazy bunch and all totally different, but I honestly love them all (I know, weird right?! Great in-laws- WHAT?). They welcomed me with open arms, and treat me like I'm one of theirs. They have been there for me in ways I never expected and pulled through for me, when they didn't need to. Tyler tells me all the time, "This is what family does, it's normal." But to me, it's so, so, special, and so appreciated.

8. Tyler is the best night time story reader. I love eavesdropping on the monitor when it's his night to read Ford books. He does different voices and he's so animated. He even sings the "Barnyard Dance." People, he sings, I'm serious. I melt. When I've had a long day with the kids this is THE BEST medicine.

9. He makes me laugh, no, he makes me gutturally laugh. He can diffuse any situation with a joke or with a side story. He's so quick, with a joke. I'm the kind of girl that twelve hours later thinks, "OOO I should have said this!" but Tyler, he's quick and oh so funny. He's the one you want in a crisis not only bc he's good at fixing problems, but bc he's great at reminding you NOT to take things so seriously. Hah, he has to do this with me--- a lot :).

10. Because I just couldn't imagine my life without him. He knows me, knows the good, the bad and the ugly and he just gets it. Five years married, seven years together and HE STILL loves me?! I'm one lucky chick and I'm reminded of that every day. :).

My little family is very blessed to call Tyler the leader of our pack; he is the glue that holds us all together. I could list about a gazillion more reasons why he's so special to me, but the most truthful and the most honest is that Tyler has given me the greatest gift anyone could ever give someone (in my opinion) and that's---our family. That might sound simple and even cliche, but when you grow up in the environment I grew up in and you have some of the life experiences I've had, a family, a good family, seems very, very out of reach. None of this deterred my husband and I love him for being able to see me, love me, and in some sense, save me. He's my everything. And with every hurdle, every bump, every smile, every laugh, every tear, I continue to love him a little bit more, he is simply- amazing.

you are my heart. 
happy five year anniversary. 

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