Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello Pre-Baby Body....

Oh how I have missed you! Yikes! Well, first, let me just say I didn't mean to not blog for two weeks, it just sort of.... happened.... life has been busy..... So, as you can probably guess by the title of this post, I'm finally weighing in at my pre-pregnancy weight. And actually, if I want to be really honest I'm actually two pounds less than I was when I got pregnant... Yay, go me. :) All one hundred and twenty THREE pounds of me have worked their tale off to get back into shape! And, honestly, I've enjoyed losing  it, way more than I thought I would.

I started working out slowly, Baby Boot Camp, got me back into shape and got me on a schedule I could live with. I lost sixteen(ish) pounds thanks to Ms. Erin. The girls were so supportive and not only did they help me lose weight, but helped me become confident in my new found job as a Mother. I hate to be all dramatic, but in some instances they truly saved me on some of my "Oh CRAP, what did I get myself into?!!?" days. ( Trust me "almost Moms"- you will have these days and it's nice to have others that have been there). I would highly, highly recommend a group like this to any new Mom.

Then Ford started getting a little restless and needing more "go" time versus stroller time, so around nine months, we started hitting the gym. I only meant for it to be twice a week, but we've gotten into a GREAT schedule where we now go five days a week, every morning first thing. It's awesome for a few reasons--- 1.) Ford gets time around kids his own age and other adults besides me. 2.) It's a GREAT outlet for me. I can drop him off with people I trust and generally the same kids and go exercise for an hour without wondering if he's ok.  It's perfect! And let's be honest, free child care!?!?! I'm all about that!

So, what have I done to lose all SIXTY.... yes, you read that right.... SIXTY pounds?? Well, I'll give you a few of the tricks I've had up my sleeve....

1. I use a heart rate monitor. It rocks, not only do I know where I stand during my workout, but in the end I know exactly how many calories I've burned. LOVE IT!

2. I try to make it a goal to burn 500 calories per workout. Period. If I don't reach that number for whatever reason, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be out for a vigorous walk with Ford in the afternoon.

3. I watch what I eat. I don't "diet." because frankly I have ZERO will power. But, I try to limit my carb intake as much as possible during the week and I tryyyyyyy (try being the optimal word) to make drinking alcohol a weekend activity.... Grrr, why is red wine so good!!!??!? I load up on veggies, and try to always have precooked and frozen salmon, chicken etc. in the freezer for protein packed salads or snacks.

4.) I drink water like I'm a camel. Not sure if this is a Texas thing, or a pregnancy thing..... but ever since I got to Texas I drink water like it's no one's business. Then just when I thought I couldn't drink anymore, I got pregnant and did in fact drink more..... Not sure, but when they tell you to make sure you get about nine cups a day, well, I've surpassed that number by lunch. I'm a CAMEL people!

5.) Change up your workouts. I've got A.D.D. when it comes to working out. I need change or I get bored and I slack, so I do a little bit of everything. I spin, run, do yoga, and participate in some of the classes they offer at the gym like Total Conditioning. It keeps me interested AND trying my hardest. I ran a steady five miles this morning and about flipped. I used to be the girl that rand a quarter of a mile and was beyond winded..... not anymore!

Just a few things that have really helped me on this Weight Loss Adventure that I thought I would share with anyone who might be interested. The last thing I will say to all you preggos out there is to just be FAIR to yourself. Every Mother told me it would take about a year to lose the baby weight and I scoffed at them, thinking, they just don't know how hard i'll work...... it'll only take six months..... Well ladies, I can honestly say I worked my tail off and it did in fact take a full year. So be patient. Hopefully your not like me and didn't blow up like a whale, but if you did, have no fear, you can lose it too :).

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know that was a big goal for you and I am so proud of you! And I will keep this post bookmarked for my post-baby body in 2 months! Thanks for the inspiration!


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