Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ford is seven months old!

Holy Smokes! Where does the time go??? Ford-- you are a wild man! 

You finally figured out how to crawl on Thanksgiving with all of your cousins here cheering you on! And since then my little one, you have not stopped! I couldn't even get you to sit still long enough to take a picture with your stuffed bear! You are on the move! 

You are such a rascal! You've also pulled yourself up to stand three times! Once in your crib and twice on our coffee table! You think it's absolutely hilarious! You are seriously about to give me a heart attack with all the pulling, pushing, stumbling, etc! You have no fear.... truly, you are allllllll boy!

So far you say "Mamamama and Dadadadada" I don't think you have any idea what exactly your saying so the jury is still out on what your first word will be. You love to scream as loud as you can and suddenly your new favorite thing to do is grunt. You grunt all the time. Mommy had a doctor's appointment yesterday and as we sat in the waiting room you entertained everyone by grunting as loud and as long as you could and then when you'd catch someone looking at you, you'd giggle uncontrollably. You are such a ham :).  Everyone you meet is instantly wrapped around your little finger; including and probably most importantly, us :).

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  1. i cant take it. hes so cute! your christmas card is adorable!! xoxo


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