Monday, March 19, 2012

Catch up!

So, I promise I didn't intentionally decide to stop blogging for two weeks.... Bluntly, life just really got in the way! Over the past two weeks we've been super busy--- We've had some private family things going on, we went to Florida, I threw a shower in Florida for one of my besties, I started getting my parents ready to sell their home, and then on top of it all Ford and I got the flu, which we then promptly gave to everyone we saw in Florida. So, needless to say- IT'S BEEN NUTS! Ford and I are STILL not one hundred percent, we can't knock this dang cough left over from the plague...... it stinks!

Because of all the crazy, we decided to lay low this weekend; we relaxed and finished up a few easy projects we'd been putting off... Check out the AWESOME wall calendars hubby and I made out of base board, plywood, chalkboard paint, vinyl, and paint! I love them! They are huge and make me feel UBER organized! These were a cinch to make and (in my humble opinion) so adorbs!

So, what have ya'll been up to?

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