Thursday, March 1, 2012

This and that....

A few random thoughts this Thursday morning.....

1. Ok, so I'm reallllllllly late to the party, but I'm in love with Mad Men. Thank you Netflix! Not sure why I waited so long, but I'm on Season Two and man, I'm hooked!! What a GREAT show. Tyler and I both agree, we were so born in the wrong era.... LOVE the sixties. Well minus all the adultery and belittling of women..... which arguably might be all that Mad Men focuses on, but still just the same it's a good show.

2. Ford has gotten all snuggly lately and I'm totally in love all over again. He's always cuddled, but almost accidentally. Now he crawls over to me, climbs in my lap and then nuzzles his sweet little head into my chest-- my heart melts. Love my little. 

3. Despite the fact that I'm loving all my cozy time with Senor Ford, I'm not loving the mini tantrums he's starting to throw when he doesn't get his way... He's got this little repetitive cry/whimper, you know like an "I'm not getting what I want, so I'm going to cry until you give it to me" kinda cry that he does, over and over, and over again..... it's kinda driving me up a wall.

4. I'm really lacking in blog content lately. Some jerk posted some not so nice things anonymously (or not so anonymously since I know EXACTLY who it is) and it's kinda made me second guess what I post. Sad.

5. Ford's first birthday is less than two months away and I cannot decide if I want to throw THE first birthday party of all first birthday parties, or if I just want something low key..... I've been going back and fourth, back and fourth, back and fourth. Darn Mommy guilt.

6. My girlfriends and I are supposed to start planning our second annual girls trip, I just REAAALLY don't want to plan it this year.... So, who's going to take over???? (That's a hint ladies!)

7. We finally planned our beach trip! YAY! I'd be lying if I told you that my motivation to get skinny, skinny (healthfully obviously) has nothing to do with the two hot Mama's who are coming too! JK, sorta :)

8. Also, I'm pretty excited that the other two fam's were vacationing with each have a baby boy, one is two months older than Ford, and the other is one month older than Ford. Not only that, but the men are Tyler's old KA brothers from Florida State. Hopefully this beach trip becomes a tradition because of course NO brainwashing of which University or which fraternity the boys should be in will happen AT ALL :) So fun!

9. Montana's hair and her general "doggy neediness" pretty much drive me up a wall on a daily basis. However, I couldn't ask for a better companion for my monkey of a child, just look at this.... so sweet. She's just so patient. Love.

10. And finally, Ford has decided that whenever he eats, he really likes to "wear" his food. In fact, his new thing is rubbing it all over his head? Any tricks to make him cut it out Mama's out there? The gooey spikes are cute and all but it kinda smells  after awhile. Help? :)

Hope your all having a great day!


  1. Oh I love a snuggly baby and know of the exact tantrums you speak of. Not fun but the snuggling totally makes up for it.

    Dont let those haters get to you. You blog and do you girl!

  2. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I really like your blog. I'm actually from Fort Worth and grew up in San Antonio. I too have a little baby boy (Crawford-8 months old) and completely relate to the things that you are going through...So completely ignore that person that wrote negative things and remember this is YOUR blog and no one elses.

  3. girl. i love your blog. i NEED more posts :) don't worry about lame comments. it's so easy to sit behind a keypad and pound out some useless words. keep the posts coming!


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