Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brain Dump Wednesday!

Ok, so this week has been a whirlwind, LOTS going on in the Deneault household, which means-- lots spinning around in my pretty little head!

1. I am having a really hard time focusing lately. I feel like I'm spend half my day walking around in a circle. Grrrr.... pregnancy brain has arrived.

2.  Ford had a "Hitch" moment today. You know the scene in Hitch where Will Smith blows up like a balloon after eating shellfish? Well, Ford didn't eat anything, but he got bit/stung by something and his ear and the left side of his face exploded! Scary stuff.... A call to the doctor and one big dose of Children's Benadryl, I'm hoping Senor wakes up from his nap and looks like my sweet babe again--- cross fingers!

3. We had a little bit of a health concern last week/this week for baby number two and I'm not going to lie, it's been weighing on my mind, HEAVILY, but after a few more tests, we got the news we were praying for today----- our bambino is healthy and it was only a false alarm. Thank Goodness. Sighing a major sigh of relief.

4. Ford is absolutely loving Mother's Day Out and this Mama is LOVING it even more! Everyone keeps asking me if I'm taking naps and or relaxing while he's at school---- Hello, people, my name is Crispin Deneault and "relax" is not in my vocabulary. I've been spending my time, sew, sew, sewing of course!

5. Speaking of sewing, Tres Bien is booming!!! Thanks so much to all my sweet friends who've ordered and promoted my little shop! Love you guys!

6. I am seriously DYING for all my Fall shows to start! All the previews have begun running on tv and seriously I'm so anxious to see what happens on Revenge and Once Upon a Time!

7. While we're talking TV, my Mother in Law suggested T and I watch Dexter awhile back and we never really got around to it. That is until last month and now we're ABSOLUTELY obsessed. Amazon Prime LOVES us, considering they charge $1.99 per episode.... We're already on Season Three! You do the math.... ouch. But seriously, it's an AWESOME show and uber, uber addicting!

8. I made this little number for dinner last night- I absolutely LOVE Pinterest! And so does the hubs, we've never eaten so well! Try it out, this recipe is DELISH!

Hope ya'll are having a good week too! 

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