Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What happened to my sweet little angel??

Yikes, Senor Ford has gone from cute to trouble in a matter of days! Geesh! Suddenly, I no longer have an innocent and obedient child; now I've got a fearless RASCAL on my hands..... So far this week he's tried to shove a knife in an electrical outlet, thrown everything but the kitchen sink into various toilets throughout our house, and climbed on top of our coffee table and decided to stand up.... Yep, I see many trips to the emergency room in the near future... If I didn't color my hair I'm SURE you'd see the arrival of MULTIPLE grey's, after the last seven days I've had with Ford....Wow..... 

And as for the word, "No," well, let's just say Ford is none to pleased with this word. We're talking full blown, bang your head on the ground ( doesn't matter if we're in public or not) temper tantrums. This Mommy is laying on some tough love this week folks bc seriously, that's just not ok in our household! Thank goodness Daddy has a better poker face then me bc most of the time when I try to tell my child no, he's just so stinkin' cute that I flat out cave.... Dadda is definetly the disciplinarian in this household, for sure, but like I said- I'm working on it!

I swear I'll be happy whether number two is a boy or a girl, but gosh.... if it is a boy.... is it bad that I kinda hope he's a little "nerdy," and NOT as rough and tough as my existent child??? Hah! One can dream, right???

1 comment:

  1. Oh no!! I know the feeling though, my C likes to table surf. He already has had one trip to the ER. Oh the life of being a boy mom...sigh. :)


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