Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

It poured cats and dogs in San Antonio this past weekend! So we spent a lot of time indoors, just relaxing! However, the rain held out for a bit Saturday morning and we were able to swing by the Farmer's Market downtown at the Pearl Brewery. Every time we make the thirty minute trek downtown Tyler and I inevitably decide we're moving...... like tomorrow. We just LOVVVVVVEEEE older homes and the city feel. We love the weird people a downtown attracts and the eclectic nature a city creates. Sounds weird when I'm married to THE most conservative person I know,  but what can I say, we like people--- different people, and the interesting conversations you can have when you surround yourself with people who have different beliefs, upbringing's, backgrounds etc. Not to mention, T and I love a good " fixer-upper!"But, as usual, as we wrapped up our tour of all our favorite areas downtown we decided we'd be buying more lottery tickets bc that's what it would take to get into that zip code! Grrr. One can dream, right??? 

Anyway, here's a cute pic of the boys, walking around the farmer's market, so cute!

We also stopped off at a local fish market bc they were having a helluva sale on Maine lobster, It just so happened, two weeks ago Goop sent an email regarding the perfect "Lobster Roll," and this former Northerner has been craving this delicacy EVER since. It's tragically unfair that I have an allergy to this yummy crustacean, but I admit, I sneak a few bites here and there whenever it's available :)So we met up with our neighbors and in true Deneault fashion, we bought WAY more than we needed and hubs froze a bunch. When I say "a lot," I'm not kidding, here's proof as the boys clean 'em (slightly ridiculous I totally agree).... 

And finally, if your interested and like oatmeal, I made this yummy oatmeal bake from pinterest for Ford and I to eat on all week- it's yummy! Probably wouldn't serve it while entertaining bc I don't think there's a pretty way to serve it, but it's perfect for me and the Little! 

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  1. Move by us! Move by us! There are so many cute houses for sale in my it! :)


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