Saturday, September 15, 2012

Well-oiled Machine

So, I'm laying in bed early this morning, annoyed because my internal alarm clock has woken me up at 6:00 AM and it's Saturday for pete sake and like most Mom's, now that I'm up, I can't turn my dang brain off. Grrr. Just as I'm about to roll out of bed and start my day the hubs sleepily rolls over and wraps his arms around me. Normally, I'd shake him off and continue on, but we've been REALLY busy these past few weeks and it feels good to get a little love, even if he's asleep and doesn't know he's loving on me :) 

As I lay there this morning, I couldn't help but thinking how lucky I am and how loved I feel. NOT because my husband is some amazing romantic machine (sorry honey, but your not) but because there is absolutely no one on this earth better equipped to take care of me, love me, and keep my heart safe. 

I've been having a lot of conversations about him lately. A lot of my friends think he is the epitome of the "good hubs" so when they get in arguments with their significant other, or they're dating some jerk-a-mole, they call and ask me, "what would Tyler do..." kinds of questions and I always say- GUYS HE' NOT A SAINT!!!! GEESH! BUT....... this week I found myself saying a few things that really got me thinking AND for once appreciating some of the smaller things my husband does do, that often go unnoticed by me, his over emotional, super hormonal, nutty, chaotic, preggo wife. 

I guess what hit home the most is something I said to a friend about the way Tyler shows love. I told her, that despite all the things he does in a given day to annoy me (hah we've been together for six years- there's a lot)   I know, without a doubt, that he always puts Ford and I FIRST when it comes to his decision making. Whether it be a simple decision like "what am I grabbing for Take Out" or a much tougher decision, like " how long can I be on a business trip away from my family," we're always first and he absolutely makes sure we know it. 

I thought about that a lot this morning, thought about our relationship, our marriage, and the life we're building. There is nothing more important than family, but above all there's nothing more important than your partner. Without them, there'd be no family, that's why we work---because my partner makes me a priority. Maybe not in the Chick-Flick inspired, romantic acts of love kinda way, but DEFINITELY in the-- your a part of this well oiled machine and without you, this machine wouldn't run kinda way :) 

Love you honey, thanks for this life and sorry if I don't tell you enough--- your my better half :)

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